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Postby RevanFan » Wed Mar 31, 2021 8:59 pm

Browns4Life wrote:
RevanFan wrote:
Browns4Life wrote:RevanFan,

Considering using your guide as I mess around with preparing for the upcoming season and replaying the last season. For the preseason - what is the workaround with having the COVID 19 Opt out players in PS for the latest FF/FI mode? Do I just move them all to FA before PS into my browns 90 man or what do you recommend? Trying to keep it accurate but man did COVID due strange things this season.

Do you want to keep the players on your team, but inactive? The instructions below are assuming you're starting a new franchise file.

Okay... Before you start your franchise, move your team's opt out players to their main roster. If that gives you more than 55 players, don't worry about it. You'll resolve it soon.

Once all the players are on your main team, start your franchise. Once you can see the preseason schedule, save and open the franchise in NZA 1.3. Move the players who opted out to your PS team, save, and once you're back in the game, auto-reorder your depth chart. After that, proceed as you normally would following this guide, making sure you add those players back to your team before you advance to the offseason once the year is over.

I am definitely making a new franchise, was just looking for advice on what do you do with the opt outs that are on the PS team already for the other 31 teams, manually moving them to their respective teams or just making them all FA? Maybe use some arbitrary cutoff for players actually worth making sure end up on the right roster (overall 75-78+?). Just trying to find a way to start a fairly accurate Franchise without increasing the setup by 3 + hrs of moving people.

I would say if the player is a starter or very important backup, add them back to their team, cut someone if they're over 55 players (don't forget to remove their contract using NZA 1.3), and auto-reorder their depth chart, then start the franchise once that's done for all teams. Only do that for really important players who opted out though. Everyone else you can just put in free agency if it won't cause the number of free agents to go over 420, but you also have to remember to remove each and every one's contract in NZA 1.3. No free agents can have contracts or you will have issues. Otherwise, just ignore the ones that aren't important enough to put back on their teams.
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