Player progression

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Player progression

Postby patriotjames » Fri Nov 29, 2019 10:35 pm

How's everyone doing progression these days?

What I'm doing is using just 2 progression periods as recommended by NZA. One after preseason and one after the regular season. Importing draft classes. And that's it.

What concerns me is the lack of progression from bench players as well as lineman not improving RBK. What are other progression stat issues we're aware of?

What can I do to balance my game better? I'm in season 3 and noticing teams are becoming more and more equal... any help would be appreciated.

Player progression



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Re: Player progression

Postby Theov » Sat Nov 30, 2019 7:45 am

I do 3 prog points.
One after the pre season, one after week 8 and one after week 16.
I used to keep it standard and while progression is nice, if you add the post season progression the better teams run away fron the lesser teams, and that will snowball over the years.

To progress bench players you need to give them playing time by subbing them in.
You can make a custom package where you sub in backups. I have a 'backups' package on defense that subs in all tge backups for the play.
On offense I have a 'big' package for running downs that subs in tight ends for receicers and linemen for tight ends.
On offense I also have a 'backup line' package that subs in backups on the oline.
I also have a 'qb2' package that originated from when I had Vick and a righthanded qb, so sometimes I wanted the backup in so I made that a package.

Setting the substitute sliders higher also makes players sub out earlier when they are tired, so backups get more playing time.

The RBK is discussed in a topic below.
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