Removing Fullbacks as a starting position and other Roster changes

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Re: Removing Fullbacks as a starting position and other Roster changes

Postby jose21crisis » Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:31 pm

All right, after some researching, I could decrypt what each event in the TREP table referred to, as well as finding what those events do to player morale.
  • Hiring a good head coach boosts team reputation and morale for all 76+ OVR players. Losing a good head coach lowers morale in different ways. Losing a high Knowledge (Strategist, according to the game) HC lower Reputation more than losing a high Chemistry (Player's Coach) HC.
  • The highest reputation boost is obtained by hiring a high Knowledge coordinator, offensive, defensive or STs. Losing a great coordinator hurts a bit. Hiring a bad coordinator hurts more. Both barely alter morale (One point in either direction)
  • Good or bad training staffs do alter team rep and morale. Hiring a bad staff will upset 82+ OVR players more than hiring a good staff will make them happy.
  • Back to coaching. If a coordinator is promoted to HC, team rep will be boosted more if said coordinator is a Strategist (High Knowledge), followed by a Motivator (High Motivation), and a final place tie between a Player's Coach (High Chemistry) and a Hard Worker (High Ethics). Similarly, a coordinator that's poor at any of those stats and gets promoted will hit player morale and team rep.
  • Having a 1st Round Pick will increase team rep. Having a Top 10 pick increases it more. And a Top 5 pick increases rep a tad more. This also applies to the morale of 82+ OVR players.
  • Madden's Draft Grades are bad. Anyway, having a "bad" draft is going to slightly lower player morale and have a negligible effect on team rep. Having a "good" draft slightly increases player morale and has a negligible effect on team rep.
  • Good signings, re-signings and trades give a boost to player morale and team rep. The player that got resigned gets a good morale boost. Releases, bad trades, trade rumors (Players in the trading block) and not resigning NFL Icons hit team rep and morale. Treating players poorly in negotiations (Not sure what this means, I guess multiple offers that they don't like) hits team rep.
  • Starting players that get a raise (I guess, they get a bigger contract) boosts player morale (Especially for the player that got the raise) and team rep. Same with signing players that got an Award (Except no additional boost to said player). Trading for good players also boosts morale.
  • Similarly, releasing players that won awards or trading said players away results in a loss of team rep and morale. And the same goes for not resigning them (Although affects more player morale than team rep). Also, franchise tags don't do too much good to morale.
  • The effects are a bit bigger when team captains are involved. Resigning a team captain boosts their morale and that of the players, along with team rep. Not doing so, or trading him away, or treating him bad in negotiations, will result in his morale dropping, along with that of the team.
  • More about team captains. Naming a worthy player as a team captain will boost his morale, and that of the team. Young captains get a higher boost than veterans or older players. Naming a non worthy player will still boost their morale, but the team will have a morale drop. Removing the captain role of a player will result in a morale drop for them, and the team's morale stays still.
  • Position Battles do have an effect on morale. Starting a player that won the position battle boosts the morale of said player, and the morales of players from the 80-60 OVR range, as well as a small boost in team rep. Starting a player that didn't won the position battles makes everyone's morale take a hit, and team rep takes a hit.
  • Getting a W will give a tiny increase in morale, and a decent on at team rep. Getting into the playoffs will give a solid morale boost and team rep boost. Winning the division gives a bigger boost to team morale. Advancing further in the playoffs give increasingly higher morale boosts and team rep boosts. Monday Night Football wins, as well as upsets give a slight boost to team rep and morale. Beating divisional rivals also does the same to team morale and rep.
  • Now for Ls. Getting one makes morale go down. Missing the playoffs takes both team rep and morale down. Losing in the Wild Card, Divisional or Championship games reduce team rep by lower amounts the further you are into the playoffs. Losing the Super Bowl BOOSTS team rep, though. Losing in MNF, or getting upset lowers rep and morale. Losing to divisional rivals lowers morale and rep more than standard losses.
  • Having a top 5 offense or defense give a team rep boost and morale. Having a bottom 5 offense and defense lowers team rep and morale.
  • If a player thinks that he should be starting, or at least playing and is not involved in the game too much, will get a morale reduction as well as a team rep reduction (Although very minor).
  • If a player gets an award, team rep and team morale (Doubly so for the awarded player) goes up. Specifically, the League MVP gets the highest boosts, followed by the offensive and defensive players of the year (Do note that 59 or less OVR DPOY don't get the morale boost). Then come the Rookies of the Year, and QB/RB/etc of the Year. Similarly, players named to the Pro Bowl get morale boosts the lower their OVR is.
  • Not being able to stay under the salary cap will lower team reputation. Team morale stays the same.
  • If a player has a role or weapon, and they don't have a starting role, their morale will go down along with minimal reductions in team rep. On the other hand, players in a slump will get a morale reduction. Players on a hot streak will get a morale boost.
  • If a player gets certain specific roles, their morale goes up along with team rep (Except for Underachiever, Team Distraction and Injury Prone).
  • Losing some of those roles give a morale reduction as well (Except for the 3 roles above).
Additional note: This also affects SuperStar Mode to a point. Increases and decreases in Popularity, Visibility and Expectations happen here.
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Re: Removing Fullbacks as a starting position and other Roster changes



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Re: Removing Fullbacks as a starting position and other Roster changes

Postby pagjame » Sat May 04, 2019 5:34 pm

As simplistic as my thought might be I have just been moving a backup RB more of a power back (Lagarette Blount types) to FB, then depth charting them as a RB 2 or 3 and then depth charting appropriate backup/blocking tight end desired. It can disproportionately put a FB in the Pro Bowl but it’s just what I’ve excepted with such a dated game.

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Re: Removing Fullbacks as a starting position and other Roster changes

Postby mike9472 » Sat May 04, 2019 7:12 pm

You could always create a new playbook for each team that doesn't use fullbacks. Eliminate all formations with fullbacks such as the I formation, or change the personnel used by editing the SETG Record Data. Then place a very low rated fullback on the team (create one with every attribute set to 1), he'll never see the field.

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