[IDEA]New Official FF 1986 Mod "Madden Millenniums"

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[IDEA]New Official FF 1986 Mod "Madden Millenniums"

Postby Morgaan78 » Sat Dec 15, 2018 5:00 pm


So this is my first official post to this forum, I've been playing the great mods that many have made on this site for around a year now.

My personal favorite is BaghdadBob's 1986 roster + draft classes. I have lost many a hour rambling with Randall, running the K-gun, and 46 blitzing QBs into oblivion. In my opinion the mid 80's to late 90's was the best era in professional football, countless immortal players and some of the best teams ever assembled call that time period home.

So enough fluff, so what am I exactly suggesting? Well first let me start with this I HAVE 0 EXPERIENCE CODING/ MOD MAKING, so I wouldn't be much help there, but what I want to do I feel wouldn't take much. I want to pool all the assets we have from that era, Leeman's 80's uniforms, the stadiums from the All Time Mod, Accurate Run n Shoot and 46 D playbook, etc.

Things that I feel would be great, (but not necessary) would be if someone wanted to make helmet styles that accurately reflected the time(for example Thurman Thomas's chunky helmet), converting the TPF stadiums to DATs, scoreboards/clock, and maybe some new equipment.

The only thing I would be able to contribute due to my lack of modding ability would be updating the old draft classes/rosters, that maybe reflect the players on field performance better. I love the NFL and it's history, so before making major rating tweaks I'd be sure to make posts with statistical backing for the change. If someone was also willing to show me how to assign faces to players in a draft class, I would be willing to fix the first class (it has default faces).

I also saw that it has been about 10 years since he updated them from madden 04 to 08, so this in my opinion would be a good way to honor the countless hours everyone has spent playing through the best era of professional football.

[IDEA]New Official FF 1986 Mod "Madden Millenniums"



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