Ps2 Madden 07 Sliders

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Ps2 Madden 07 Sliders

Postby wolfemac » Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:51 pm

Here is a set of sliders I’ve been using so far.
I’m not a fan of any of the newer Maddens so I went back old school and found more enjoyment since going back.
Game Options
Quarter Length 12 minutes
Skill Level All Pro
Coach Mode Off
Injuries On
Pre-Existing Injuries On
Game Fatigue On
Random Weather On
Accelerated Clock On
Trade Deadline On

Game AI Sliders
Penalties On
Offsides On
False Start 10
Holding 6
Face Mask 7
Off. Pass Interference 10
Def. Pass Interference 10
KR/PR Catch Interference 10
Clipping 4
Intentional Grounding 10
Roughing the Passer 10
Roughing the Kicker 10

Offense Hum/Cpu
QB Accuracy 18/18
Pass Blocking 0/1
WR Catching 6/7
RB Ability 4/6
Run Blocking 1/2

Defense Hum/Cpu
Awareness 0/1
Knock Downs 0/0
Interceptions 0/0
Break Block 5/4
Tackling 0/0

Special Teams Hum/Cpu
FG Length 12/12
FG Accuracy 0/0
Punt Length 16/17
Punt Accuracy 20/20
Kickoff Length 19/19

So I don’t use the 2 controller method but when I select the team I am going to use
I put the profile on None
When you start the game I fix the Custom Game before the kickoff for my team.
Kick the ball of or Receive it when you next play comes up select the play
And then switch the controller over to the other team when the next play comes up
Fix the CPU Custom Game and then select the play and then switch the controller back to your team
And then the Custom Game will be set for both teams.
It’s a little tedious but I feel the game plays a little differently with a profile versus no profile.
Here is the Custom Game Settings
Custom Game
Player Lock On
Auto-Subs On
Sub In 82
Sub Out 87
QB Vision On
Auto Pass Off
Auto Strafe On
Off Catch Assist On
Def Catch Assist On
Vibration Off
Pre-Play Instructions On

I will post some stats a little later

Ps2 Madden 07 Sliders



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