Xbox One to Xbox 360 Controller "work-around"

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Xbox One to Xbox 360 Controller "work-around"

Postby umoon » Mon May 07, 2018 6:07 pm

I really like how Steam uses the Steam Controller emulation, and it has worked for me particularly well in allowing Madden 08 to run well using the Xbox One controller to be read as a 360 controller. The problem for me was that I could not run mainapp from Calhoupe's Scripts launcher and use the Steam Overlay. Since I am a Windows 10 user, this was a problem, as the game would consistently crash in the game. However, I have come across a program that has made it work beautifully, so I figured I would share it in case there were others like me who did not want to edit their registry, but still liked the built-in 360 controller support.

The main programs used are Non-Steam-Overlay Manager, and of course, Steam.

To download NSO Manager, go here ... r/releases
and download the executable.

Then open up Steam, click on Games in the toolbar, and add a Non-Steam game to library. Navigate to where you NSO Manager downloaded (or moved to) and add it to Steam. After adding it, right click on NSO-Manager in your Steam library, go to set Launch Options, and write in the box:

/Profile="Madden 08"

After this, go ahead and start the program from Steam, and enter:
Madden 08
in the Profile name box.

Then check the launcher option, and click browse to navigate to Calhoupe's scripts executable and select that. Next, choose to browse for the client location and pick the mainapp.exe from your Madden 08 install folder. Lastly, make sure that Use NSO Overlay is checked.

Go ahead and add these options as a profile, and make sure that when you select the "Madden 08" profile, that all the options you just entered remain.

Make sure your controller is connected and turned on to your computer, go back to Steam now and start Big Picture mode by clicking on the controller in the top right corner. Click on Installed to get a list of the programs you have on Steam, and scroll down to NSO-Manager and click on it. Click on Manage Shortcut, and then select Controller Configuration. Go to browse configurations at the bottom, then click on show other controller types at the bottom. Go down to the option that is labeled "Gamepad" and more importantly has Xbox 360 Controller in white writing at the bottom right corner. It should say something about this configuration being made for games that have built in controller support and being used for dual stick shooters. Select this option, and then click apply config. Alternatively, I have a configuration called "Madden 08 test", and it should work if you come across it.

Once you apply this configuration, you can go ahead and exit Big Picture Mode. When you Start NSO-Manager from Steam (make sure your controller is turned on and connected), Calhoupe's Scripts should start, from there you should be able to launch Madden 08, and you should have the steam overlay and your Xbox One controller should work as a 360 controller.

Xbox One to Xbox 360 Controller "work-around"



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Re: Xbox One to Xbox 360 Controller "work-around"

Postby hellhawk123 » Wed Sep 26, 2018 2:32 am

I just wanted to comment to say that you're amazing for this solution, but to add, I'm using an Xbone controller with Win7, I didn't have to go through NSO. Just adding mainapp.exe or Calhoupe as a game on Steam and using the overlay settings worked beautifully.

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Re: Xbox One to Xbox 360 Controller "work-around"

Postby Factmaster666 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:41 pm

I can confirm all you need to do is add the Mainapp or Calhoupe's Madden Scripts to steam and run it through steam to get the game to detect the controller, the problem im having now is that Madden is recognizing all my contollers as game pads and not 360 controllers. What would be causing that? I had been using a PS4 controller with DS4 so its emulating a 360 controller, but then suddenly madden started seeing it as a gamepad. Is there a setting causing that? Thanks for any info!

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