Possible Project: Overhauling every playbook in the Gamedata.dat file

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Re: Possible Project: Overhauling every playbook in the Gamedata.dat file

Postby jose21crisis » Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:28 pm

RevanFan wrote:I have a question. How do you gather all the information you need to recreate each team's playbook?

It is a combination of using moonbax's research for 2016 (Most effective when teams don't change head coach, defensive coordinator or scheme. So his research is useless when I get to a team like the Rams or Jaguars) and googling around to see what I get. What I have not do is do film study of each team, which probably I should do to get more accuracy on the schemes. Also, when people suggest stuff, I can put it in.

So for example. I know the Steelers ran the 3-4, didn't ran the Nickel 3-3-5 a lot and kept both their outside linebackers as Edge Rushers. The best playbook for them as a base was the Base 3-4 or the Pats playbook. Then I altered the player positions to fit what the team ran. So, on the Nickel 2-4-5, I removed both Defensive Tackles and placed the Defensive Ends instead.

For other teams, like ... say ... the Pats, I would need to research more what kind of sub packages run. I do know they run the 3-4 ... kind of ... they actually run a "Big" 3-3-5, with Patrick Chung serving as an inside linebacker. Teams that run a 4-3 Tampa 2 (Like the Cowboys) would use the Bucs 4-3 playbook as a base. I know the Cowboys swap their Defensive Line constantly, so each 4-3 version (Normal, Over and Under) would have a different line up for the D-Line.

The good thing is that moonbax's research is mostly accurate (Some exceptions apply, for example, the Steelers) and I can google around to see what I can get. The SB Nation's sub sites are pretty damn useful for this, and most (if not all) got a Film Room subsection which I can review to see which changes I can do.

EDIT: Also, a little change I did was alter the FG Block play AI tags to see if the CPU is more willing to block FGs.

Re: Possible Project: Overhauling every playbook in the Gamedata.dat file



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