Curious About A Few Things...

Modifying Madden 08.
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Curious About A Few Things...

Postby MilidiruDaetenium » Fri Nov 19, 2021 3:58 am

I know this board is intended for Madden 08 on the PC, but I'm doing something with some friends of mine and I can't seem to get some things to work and I also have a few questions to ask. I have been "modding" Madden 06 on the PS2. This involves extracting the save file from the PS2 memcard, converting it to a different file type, opening them in Madden modding utilities, then converting them back and importing them into the PS2 memcard again. Doing this, I managed to completely delete all Free Agents to start work on a new roster entirely from scratch full of players from NCAA 06. I ran into my first problem trying to get draft classes to import into the roster file for Madden 06, as the program tells me it fails to make the players. I'm not sure if I'm using the wrong editor for this or what, as I have multiple versions of editors and I can't seem to get this to work with any of them.

Also eventually I decided I'd do it another way and I made the minimum requirements for each position as created players with all their attributes set to the average of the top 6 best players at the position in the NFL Europa league as this roster is intended to be used for a 32 Created Team Franchise where we all start with scrub unit teams and build them over time, molding our teams how we want, prioritizing certain positions over others etc.

I got all 32 teams with the baseline roster made. When I start a Franchise with it, I can simulate through the preseason but after that, the game acts like has advanced... but it hasn't. Instead of it telling me preseason, Week 1, Week 2, anything... it just says "!!!UNKNOWN GAME STATE!!!" and when I try to load into the regular season, it just reloads the last week of the preseason again. It asks me if I want to advance, and if I tell it yes again, the game just crashes. Yes, the PS2 version completely crashes.

I am running out of ideas and options to get this going as this whole thing is something I've worked on for a while now. This originally started on Madden 08 for the PS2, but I liked the gameplay of Madden 06 more and decided to move it all to 06. A lot of the utilities for more "recent" Maddens, like 08, seem to work well with 06 as well. There's just a few issues I run into, such as not being able to import draft classes into the free agent pool of my roster and the game itself just absolutely stroking out when trying to progress past the preseason.

Is the number of players in a draft class different than Madden 08 in Madden 06? Also, could duplicate players cause PlayerID issues within a Franchise's database leading to the crash issues?

Another odd question, is there anything out there about how overalls are calculated for PS2 Maddens? I would assume someone would know considering some editors colour code attributes depending on how important they are to the position, but I don't know exactly what the values are independently. The reason I ask is I'm wanting to eventually try making something that can create random players with names, weights, heights, etc that would be somewhat realistic... kinda like how NBA 2K gives you a randomly generated player, full with personality traits and attributes the moment you hit Create-A-Player. Fun fact, I made an entire roster on NBA 2K19 using just that feature and messing with ages, then running a fantasy draft and basically completely "rebooting" the NBA.

Also, I'm wanting to get more into Madden modding, mainly PS2 era Madden, as well as programming. I'm hoping to eventually make my own modding utilities for these games and hopefully be able to post anything I find out over time.

Any help anyone would be willing to give would be greatly appreciated and I'm not sure what I could give in return other than my thanks and maybe posting anything I discover in the future back to the community.

Curious About A Few Things...



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