How to edit relocated team uniforms in Franchise Mode??

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Re: How to edit relocated team uniforms in Franchise Mode??

Postby MikeL95 » Thu Nov 12, 2020 11:57 pm

Hey guys I have great news - I figured it out :D Here is exactly what I did:

1) I downloaded the 2013 Dolphins, Vikings and Jaguars uniform tpf's from the following YouTube video: ... =Alejandro
2) I used TPF Extract (version 1.5; v1.4 doesn't seem to work) to see exactly which parts of the uniform need to be logged in Texmod
3) I ran Madden with Texmod in logging mode and loaded my latest "Toronto Bisons" franchise file
4) I went into practice mode with my original home (black jersey, white pants) and away (white jersey, black pants) uniforms
5) I captured as many relevant uniform parts as possible on my home uniform, and JUST THE BLACK PANTS textures for my away uniform
6) I exited Madden and went to the "out" folder of Texmod folder

7) I compared the uniform parts that I captured with the 2013 Dolphins/Vikings/Jags uniform tpf's I extracted as templates and deleted the parts I captured that were NOT in the 2013 Dolphins/Vikings/Jags template.
***8) I renamed the BLACK pants/belt texture parts of my away uniform TO THE SAME NAME of the WHITE pants/belt texture parts and deleted the white pants/belt texture parts
9) I edited the log file to make sure it only contained the hex codes of the remaining files
10) I opened Texmod in building mode and created a tpf from the log file
11) I went into packaging mode and ran Madden with the tpf file I created and voila, SUCCESS!!! I now have an all black home uniform whenever I want to use it :D And I still get to use my blue Alternate 1 uniform as an Alternate Home instead of Alternate Away!

I then used this instructional video to make sure I can run Texmod/Madden with Calhoupe's Scripts ... rocatGames

A side note - I realized that the numbers of my all-black uniform would appear blurry when zoomed out (coin toss view, show play art view, etc). So I ended up deleting the jersey/helmet parts of the first tpf file, and created a new tpf with just the 3 textures of the black pants... and it worked! The numbers are no longer blurry from afar!

Thank you again Rick for all your help :) Now I just have to enjoy playing the rest of my season and make sure there re no errors/crashes!

Re: How to edit relocated team uniforms in Franchise Mode??



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