Another Covid Story

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Re: Another Covid Story

Postby elguapo » Wed Jan 12, 2022 11:39 pm

KeepinItTeal wrote:
MikeWest502 wrote:You're right, none of my business, but I do care for the well being of my fellow man regardless of any personal thoughts. And the fact that you knowingly put others at risk speaks volumes about you. You were the guy who claimed the virus is a hoax, government conspiracy, etc. So did GOD put it on you so you can see it's real, or was it just bad luck? You're lucky it was as devestating for you as it has been for millions of others.

This is what's so disturbing. I was born and raised a Christian. I was taught that Jesus went around and cared for and healed the sick. I was taught in my church that you respect and care for others above yourself. Now I guess they're taught that their own personal freedoms and choices are more important than the health and well being of others. WWJD? I'm pretty sure he wouldn't tell his followers that it's OK to knowingly spread what could be a life-threating disease to others.

You call yourself a Christian when you have more faith in a sinner (scientists) than the Lord?

And where do you both get that I go around spreading “disease”. Am I going to have to call my lawyer for defamation damages?

Re: Another Covid Story



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Re: Another Covid Story

Postby RevanFan » Thu Jan 13, 2022 3:33 am

elguapo wrote:Listen Mike, I told someone in here that your story of Covid was bogus and you pretty much confirmed my suspicion by questioning my cough. If you had Covid your Dr would have explained to you that your cough could last up to three months even tho you were Covid free.

And no, Covid wasn’t devastating for my family even tho you wish it was so be careful what you wish on others because that’s exactly what we receive.

A few things. First, I really don't think Mike intended to say that he wishes it was devastating for your family. When I read this post, I was shocked, but then I said "he probably just made a spelling mistake or grammar mistake. Happens all the time on the internet." In positive he meant to say "wasn't". I am certain that Mike didn't mean how the post came off, and if he did and other moderators agree, I would act.

Second, you are absolutely correct that the cough can last long after you are no longer contagious. Generally, if you test negative two or three times in a week, you're probably fine to go back into society, even if you still have a cough. That being said, wearing a mask is still vital to protect other people, especially if you were recently infected. I agree with Mike that it is very wrong of someone to go around without a mask if they know they've been recently exposed. Additionally the fact that you call scientists, to whom you owe every convenience of modern life, "sinners"... Frankly it's unconscionable.

I'm locking this thread. If you have an issue with it, please feel free to PM me or another moderator. I would suggest that you and Mike try to work out your differences. This forum has far too much fighting and controversy and... Frankly, it's a miserable shell of what it once was and I'm sick of it. You both have made mistakes on this forum, and you both have done a lot of good. I don't want to lose either of you, but we can't have this kind of fighting. So take a few days, apologize to each other, and move on. And please realize that we are all in this miserable, broken, depressing world together. Let's try to work together to make it a bit less horrible.
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Re: Another Covid Story

Postby ycleped » Thu Jan 13, 2022 1:28 pm

Just going to give my two cents here....

1) Elguapo - absolutely unnecessary to throw in "I still won’t get vaccinated and I will continue to be mask less because my faith is in GOD and not in science" at the end of your post. You're just asking to stir up trouble doing that. You fully well understand that the COVID vaccination is a controversial topic among people. The purpose of your post was clear and it was wholly irrelevant to your story to say this.

2) RevanFan, KeepinItTeal, MikeWist502: what you all should have done was ignored this addendum to his post. It takes 2+ parties to create a flame war. This thread turned into a flame war, not only because of what Elguapo said, but also because the three of you failed to ignore his comments knowing fully well what would happen. Enough of the "I'm not attacking your beliefs, just trying to understand" - by now, you should be fully aware that saying something like this really isn't going to do anything at all because you guys simply aren't going to understand each other regardless of what is elaborated. This is arguing in bad faith.

We have had multiple similar instances where some/all of you guys have been in the same situation. When will you learn that nothing good will come out of engaging each other on this topic?

Seriously disappointed in all of you and I'd suggest banning the discussion of all COVID-related discussion on this forum aside from people mentioning that they are sick and are recovering.
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