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Hello, Hi, Howdy and Greetings

Postby Gridironmate » Wed Oct 09, 2019 9:00 am

First Things first so I say Hello to all members on this board!

I'm closing in on the 50 years of existance, live in Germany and have a variety of interests, one of them American Football.
The real stuff (I'm a diehard Bills Backer since 91) as well as the gaming stuff.
To be honest: The Madden series doesn't give me pleasure for quite a while (hot shots animation and arcade stuff but no realistic football)
and the last one I bought was the 2005 version after purchasing eyery single one of them from 1999 on.
I just ran into this site per accident and discovered that there is a healthy community of enthusiasts and modders for old Madden games.

If I would only value the gameplay and the "right" look and feel I would simply purchase the old but still unchallenged ESPN NFL 2k5 or the 2K8 game and run with it.
Because they seem (at least from what I saw on numerous youtube videos) all around great even up to the year 2019.
And there are a lot of modders and fans you still play and enhance the game too.
But there are some things I do despise, namely the inability to have the correct NFL uniforms, helmets and logos in the 2K8 game.
Yes, they edited that and it looks very similar to the real thing but not completly right.

So I deceided to stick around the 2005 version (the 2004 and older ones do not run on WIN 7) and try to enhance the gameplay with modding and enjoy features different people have developed over nearly 14 years since this game came out.

So signing up on this board was pretty much a no brainer for me.

After decades of playing Football simulations I sould have a well rounded idea of what I want to have and what I like to play.
And I do.
So I just write down the most important features I would like to have and maybe the veterans could give me the inside wether I can obtain it via existing mods or have to scratch it or what I can do to pimp my copy of 2005 to the desired status.

Here we go in no particular order:

1.) Franchise modus - biggest thing, most important.

When I played the Madden 2004 version (who is no longer running on my WIN 7 machine) I had two franchises going which I played most.
An actual NFL Leauge with updated rosters for the latest players to play the latest NFL season.
And - more important - the WFL or WLAF.
A 32 teams league with some old WLAF clubs like the Surge, Riders, Knights and so on in the American Conference and of course the European counterparts like the Galaxy, Dragons, Monarchs and so forth who met in the WORLD BOWL do find out which continent prevailed in the latest edition.
The biggest fun part was creating the remaining teams to fill out the 32 league slots like lets say the Vancouver Blackhawks or the Vienna Vipers.
While Madden 2005 offers a frainchise mode, it is only playable with the existing NFL squads.
By the way: Where in the game folders or the CD's does one find the endzones, helmets and unis for the pre-existing NFL teams and the NFL Europe teams?

2.) Roster and Player modifications
Creating own players and rosters and editing them.
Most important changing numbers would be nice since I hate DEs with the 62 or TEs with the Number 11.

While I easily can create a new team in 2005 and edit things via the customart Folder (helmets, Logos unis and endzones) I cannot create a new franchise with these teams. Only the existing NFL franchises can be selected. I could do this in 2004 why not in 2005?
Is there a modding for it and why did they prevent the user from playing with custom made franchises in the 2005 verson when it was possible in 2004?

3.) Creating own tournament settings in franchise mode

I would like to create different league formats, like 24 teams or 16 teams with or without postseason play.
Simply changing the classic 32 teams NFL format to an individual one I create myself.

4.) Career stats for (created) players and League records kept etc.

So please give me notice which of the aforementioned features I would like to have are realistic to get with existing modding and which of them remain a pipe dream.

Thanx for your advice and time in advance.

Greeting from Gridirionmate

Hello, Hi, Howdy and Greetings



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