NCAA 06 PS2 Dynasty Save File Editing

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Re: NCAA 06 PS2 Dynasty Save File Editing

Postby MikeWest502 » Tue Dec 14, 2021 12:48 pm

minotauri wrote:
You can copy the "balsus" roster file from NCAA 11 and put it in an NCAA 09 save file and it'll work. Just need to rename it to what the NCAA 09 save file is called.

Thank You Minotauri, easy process.

Re: NCAA 06 PS2 Dynasty Save File Editing



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Re: NCAA 06 PS2 Dynasty Save File Editing

Postby minotauri » Wed Jan 12, 2022 12:35 pm

I'm going to dump a few knowledge transfers that myself and others have created over the past 6 years:

My NCAA table headers and notes: ... -Resources
Shared file for people to edit: ... sp=sharing

Basic Editing Guide: ... -ncaa.html

PS3 Roster Porting Tool to PS2: ... rting-Tool

Schedule Generator Tool by RobotDebris

Playbook Editor by jdhalfrack ... ditor.html

Coach Editor by antdroid/minotauri ... ach-Editor

Discord Server:

Neutral Game Sites

So today, RobotDebris, and I were discussing about Neutral Site games. We discovered that there is a table on the gamedisc file, STRMDATA.DB, called NESG, that contains the 4 neutral-game defaults in the games.


Anyway, I was able to modify it by adding the Apple Cup (Washington-WSU) as a neutral game and set it SGID to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

In the Quick Game mode, the stadium ends up being randomly chosen. In Dynasty mode, however, the Rose Bowl is selected!

Anyway the NESG file would need to be modified and a new game disc would have to be burned to get this mod to work.

The columns are:

SGID - Stadium
NMFL - Name of Field?
NSFT - Neutral Site First Team
NSST - Neutral Site Second Team

Change the SGID to the stadium you want and the two team IDs into NSFT and NSST. I'm not sure what NMFL does yet.

Also, I started collecting random spreadsheets of data I've made over the years and dumped it on a github repository here:


So you can kind of make a coaching carousel.

At the end of the season, say, after the NT game, you can go into COCH table in your save file, and set every FBS team's CFUC to 1. This sets every coach as a user coach.

Then go back in the game, and change "fire" coaches manually.

The game will then auto-populate the coach from the pool of available head coaches (mostly from FCS).

So, one idea is to make a "free agent" pool of coaches in the FCS.

You can also, at this point, take the fired coaches, which will now show as "NO TEAM", and try to put them on teams that will want to hire them as well.

After this is done, you can save, and then go back into your COCH table and remove the CFUC from all the CPU teams.

To set this up, ahead of time, I would recommend changing all the FCS coach names and ratings to whoever you want, so when the teams hire new coaches, it's all set-up.

I have tried this in NCAA 07 on PSP, and it worked beautifully. Some of the changes that happened:

Texas Tech hired Kellen Moore
UCLA hired Alex Grinch from USC
Virginia hires Deion Sanders
and so on...

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Re: NCAA 06 PS2 Dynasty Save File Editing

Postby minotauri » Wed Jan 12, 2022 12:40 pm

Harry97 wrote:I am still searching for the column that can swap Conference Championship Trophies in Dynasty mode. Even if you change the main Big 12 logo to Big 8 with NCcl, at the end of the season, the winner of the conference will still get the Big 12 Championship trophy. I am trying to find the column that would change the Big 12 Trophy to a Big 8 Trophy or the Mountain West Trophy to a Big West Trophy.

I don't know if you ever found this, but UTID in the BOWL table changes the trophy of the winner of the bowl or the championship games.

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