NCAA 06 PS2 Dynasty Save File Editing

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Re: NCAA 06 PS2 Dynasty Save File Editing

Postby Harry97 » Thu Nov 19, 2020 12:55 am

If you edit the COCH.csv, you can give coaches their real names if you didn't name all your coaches at the beginning of a New Dynasty. After you start your Dynasty, you can't edit the Coach's name or change their Appearance in-game. At that point, it can only be edited by editing the COCH.csv. However some of the coaching strategy information like the two columns listed below can be edited in-game in Dynasty Mode as well as in the COCH.csv :

COTR is run/pass ratio. It's effectively "pass %". The default value is 50 which gives the team a 50% run / 50% pass ratio. So if you change the value from 50 to 32 the run pass ratio slider of the team will change to 68% run / 32% pass.

CDST is base defense formation. Changing the value from 3 to 0 changes the team's base defense from 4-3 to 3-4. So if you want to make more team's base defense 3-4, you change the value of this column to 0.

These columns below in COCH.csv allow you to edit any coach's appearance in a saved Dynasty. This Edit Coach data cannot be edited in-game inside of a saved Dynasty, only at the beginning of a New Dynasty :

HAIR is the coach's hair color. Value of 5 is grey, 0 is brown I think.

CThg is the coach's hair type. Value of 4 is mullet.

COHT is the coach's hat. Value of 0 is no hat. A value of 1 is a regular hat.

CBSZ is the coach's body size. 0=Small, 1=Medium, 2=Large

CFEX is the age of the coach, which determines his face. 0=Young1, 1=Young2, 2=Medium1, 3=Medium2, 4=Old1, 5=Old2

In the CONF.csv (Conference) =

NCcl is the conference logo that appears in Dynasty mode. Like when viewing standings, schedules, etc, this doesn't affect any conference logos that are on fields in stadiums, as those are team specific.

Each value between 0-79 is a different logo. Some are conference logos, some are conference title game logos, there's a BCS logo in here, there's a logo of a Car, there's other random logos in here, which you can set as the main logo for any conference by changing the value.

Notable values-
6= Big 8 Logo
8= Big West Logo
65= 1A Logo
66= 1AA Logo

I am still searching for the column that can swap Conference Championship Trophies in Dynasty mode. Even if you change the main Big 12 logo to Big 8 with NCcl, at the end of the season, the winner of the conference will still get the Big 12 Championship trophy. I am trying to find the column that would change the Big 12 Trophy to a Big 8 Trophy or the Mountain West Trophy to a Big West Trophy.

Re: NCAA 06 PS2 Dynasty Save File Editing



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Re: NCAA 06 PS2 Dynasty Save File Editing

Postby grabursock55 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 10:41 am

Have you looked into texture editing at all? Texture editing on PS2 seems pretty much impossible from what I have seen, but I havent checked it out in a long time. Thats the only thing keeeping me playing gamecube games rather than the PS2 ones.
Im ok at texture mods I guess?

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