NCAA 06 PS2 Dynasty Save File Editing

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NCAA 06 PS2 Dynasty Save File Editing

Postby Harry97 » Wed Jun 24, 2020 11:41 am

I have been getting deep into Dynasty editing in NCAA 06 on PS2 and I thought it's about time to create a topic dedicated to editing a NCAA 06 PS2 Dynasty Save File.

This topic's purpose is for me to share discoveries that I've made while editing an NCAA 06 PS2 Dynasty save file and to ask questions about any issues or limitations that I've ran into that maybe someone else who is into NCAA 06 dynasty editing may have an answer to.

If anyone needs help with the basics of editing an NCAA 06 Dynasty save file I am here to answer any questions you may have. To edit an NCAA 06 Dynasty file you need to save a dynasty and then extract a dynasty maxdrive file (.max) from the PS2 memory card. Then you need to use PS2 Save Builder to open the .max file then extract the BASLUS-21214 file. This BASLUS-21214 can be opened by Madden Editor 3.0 with tdbaccess.dll. There are several different versions of tdbaccess.dll and some versions of the .dll work better than others at editing a Dynasty file. (it's whichever tdbaccess.dll file is in the Madden Editor 3.0 main folder that it uses)

I haven't really explored editing the Dynasty through editing of the files on the PS2 Disc because for one thing it's a more involved process of rebuilding the disc and in some cases not being able to create a new Dynasty when certain disc files have been changed. (which may limit the ability of using the schedule generator on the disc to influence the schedule in the first year of Dynasty for example) So all the work I've done on editing Dynasty in NCAA 06 I've done without even having to edit disc files or rebuild the PS2 NCAA 06 Disc. Roster editing can be done inside or outside of a Saved Dynasty, either prior to starting a new Dynasty or during the Dynasty by exporting the PLAY .csv editing it then re-importing, though I've only tested this at the beginning of the Dynasty before any games have been played. What I do typically is start a new Dynasty with a 1A roster loaded that I've already converted, then I save the Dynasty during preseason before any games are played. Then once you extract the BASLUS files and open it in the Madden Editor 3.0 you can start exporting the individual .csv files that are inside it and editing them in Excel.

I have had no difficulty extracting each of the various sections of a saved dynasty file as a .csv file and editing it in Excel. However I have been unable to import the TEAM .csv file, as it crashes the editor due to two of the columns being in a different non-integer format (hexidecimal multi-byte in a single column) and the tdbaccess.dll not accounting for this. The other sections import just fine after Excel editing the .csv, but the TEAM .csv file cannot. So the only way to edit the TEAM section of an NCAA 06 Dynasty save file is to edit individual fields 1 at a time in the editor. There is another editor called NHL0706 editor that also uses tdbaccess.dll that allows editing the TEAM section a little more efficiently than the Madden Editor 3.0 does in the editor itself. So the only way that I've been able to edit the TEAM section of a Dynasty file is through either Madden Editor 3.0 or this NHL0706 editor while in the editor, and I've tried all the different versions of tdbaccess.dll that I've found.

So unless someone has figured out how to import / export the TEAM section of a Dynasty save file successfully, as it stands the only way to edit the TEAM section is inside the editor, since it crashes if you try to import the .csv due to these two non-integer columns. There's a lot of information that can be edited in the TEAM section of a Dynasty save file and without the ability to import an edited TEAM .csv file through the editor, as it stands there's no way to really share an edited .csv of the TEAM section since there's no way to import it. The good news is the other sections don't have this limitation and their .csv's can be edited in Excel then imported overwriting the original through the Madden Editor 3.0.

Now I know some people in the past have explored trying to edit Dynasty related stuff by editing the files on the disc but personally this isn't something that I've tried to do because there is so much that can be edited in a saved Dynasty file that's where I've spent most of my time. It's more straight forward and direct, like editing a schedule once you figure out how it works. Like I've read that you can generate schedules for Dynasty somewhere on the disc and stuff like that. That's just not my area of expertise, so if anyone makes progress in this area I'd love to hear about what they are able to do that way, but my focus area is just editing the Dynasty save file from the memory card through Excel editing of the .csv's and then importing through the editor.

And when I talk about editing the Dynasty save file I really want to be specific about what I'm referring to. There's a long list of steps involved in taking a saved Dynasty and editing everything to make it into a different year. The first step that you need to master before you can even think about getting into Dynasty editing is learning how to properly convert a PS3 NCAA roster to NCAA 06 PS2. There's a ton of steps involved in all that and that's partly why it's taken me so many years before I really jumped into Dynasty editing. Depending on what year the roster that you're working with, that determines the work you need to do in terms of editing conferences to how they were that year. I've been working on some rosters from the 1990s for example, and back then the conferences were different than they were in NCAA 06. For example, there was the Big 8 instead of the Big 12, and there was the Southwest Conference. And also there was the Big West instead of the Mountain West. Another thing is there are 9 schools who are in Division 1A in NCAA 06 but were in 1AA in the 1990s, like Marshall for example. And there are 3 schools who didn't even have a football program in the 1990s but are 1A teams in NCAA 06, these schools are South Florida, FAU and FIU. And you can't just remove any of these schools from a Dynasty, what I did was I created a "1AA" conference in 1A comprising of these schools and gave them their 1990s schedules. For USF, FAU and FIU I had to give them a random schedule comprising of 1AA teams or else you'll have issues when you simulate like these schools getting ranked and receiving bowl bids lol.

So what I'm doing is going through the steps of converting PS3 rosters from the 1990s to NCAA 06 and then staring a new Dynasty with them, and then saving the Dynasty and editing the default 2005 schedule in Excel to make it the schedule of the 1990s year that the roster is based off of. I've changed the 2005 conferences to make them 1990s conferences. You can even change the conference logos through Dynasty editing. In NCAA 06 there are logos for the Big 8 and Big West, but sadly no SWC logo. To turn a NCAA 06 Dynasty file into a 1990s Dynasty file there's a ton of things you need to edit, but it's a ton of fun once you get the hang of it. You need to do things like delete all the Conference Championship Games except for the SEC CG, which started in 1992. I am making my way through this process of updating a Dynasty save file so it has a roster from the 1990s and a 1990s schedule and conferences, it's an incredible adventure. I've accomplished so much just from a Dynasty editing perspective, but I'm still learning a lot about what you can edit, what all the column names do and how it all works.

You can give the teams that were 1AA in the 1990s like Boise State, Marshall, etc their 1990s schedules, which consist mostly of 1AA teams though some of their opponents aren't in NCAA 06 so in these cases I either gave them byes those weeks or made them play the Generic 1AA teams like "1AA Midwest". But it's tricky because you have to ensure you don't schedule the same team twice in the same week, and you have to try to ensure that each team has enough games on their schedule. (if they don't have enough games on their schedule they could end up undeservingly ranked in the Top 25 by the end of the season which causes issues) A big help to all this is that when editing a Dynasty through editing the schedule it allows you to make any team play any of the 1AA teams that are in the game as an un-named 1AA in a Dynasty. To play a named 1AA school inside a Dynasty you need to import a 1AA school (or create-a-school) and replace a 1A school with that school when starting a Dynasty, but even if you don't import any 1AA teams it'll let you schedule any 1AA team with un-named players which really is useful when creating 1990s schedules since there were more 1AA teams including teams like Boise State, Marshall, Troy State etc who are 1A in NCAA 06 and therefore in the Dynasty, and in many of the PS3 rosters even though they weren't in 1A back then. For a Dynasty to be simulated without issues you need to give every team that's a "1A" team in NCAA 06 a full schedule even if that just consists of 1AA schools without named players.

So you can make any Dynasty team play any 1AA team in the Dynasty, not just Generic "1AA East" but any actual 1AA team they just have un-named players. Giving teams their 1990s schedules to the greatest extent possible (adding random teams for USF, FAU and FIU) allows you to for example give 1990s Boise State a Big Sky schedule in a Dynasty without having to name all the 1AA teams and add all those players to the PLAY .csv. So you control which 1AA you want named and imported into the Dynasty and which teams can stay un-named. Teams like Marshall and Boise may have already been named in a PS3 roster even if they weren't in 1A that year, so it works out pretty well in that you have a bunch of named 1AA teams that you can put in their own "1A" conference - and you could even turn that into a 1-AA Championship. So it's very important to work on the schedules because if you don't then the 1AA teams of the 1990s (Who are 1A teams in NCAA 06) may end up ranked or getting bowl bids since you can't successfully just remove them from the Dynasty without replacing them with another school. And if you delete their entire schedule they'll end up ranked by the end of the season with a 0-0 record. By giving them their 1990s schedule consisting mostly of 1AA schools it works out because then they won't end up ranked or get selected for bowls. I've found out that giving the 1AA schools who are 1A schools in NCAA 06 their 1990s schedule in the Dynasty seems to be the only way to really prevent them from getting ranked and getting selected for bowls. It was a long process for me to figure all this out, and the only way I've found when working with these teams is to edit the schedule in Excel then put it on the memory card and simulate a season and see what happens.

Then there's the bowl game selection logic, and the ranking logic. In NCAA 06, it's based on the 2005 season, and in the 2005 season it was a year that the Rose Bowl was the site of the National Championship, so the Rose Bowl logic in the first season of Dynasty isn't Big 10 Pac 10, it featured #1 vs #2 instead of Big 10 Pac 10. So to make a long story short, it's not easy to understand how to make the Rose Bowl Big 10 Pac 10 instead of #1 vs #2 in the first year of Dynasty. What you can do is switch its bowl logic with another bowl, like the Fiesta Bowl so the Fiesta Bowl becomes the National Championship instead of the Rose Bowl. This is something I'm working on because in the 1990s the Rose Bowl was not a #1 vs #2 Bowl, it was always Big 10 Pac 10. So you have to switch its logic with another bowl so the Rose Bowl isn't the National Championship in the first year of a Dynasty.

I'm trying to leave no stone unturned in the quest to convert an NCAA 06 Dynasty save file into a 1990 season, or a 1992 season or 1995 season etc. I've been editing and editing testing and testing simulating full seasons after editing the Dynasty Save File to try and understand what each of the columns in the Dynasty file does so I can make all the adjustments needed to create each season from the 1990s as thoroughly and as accurately as possible.

Adjusting the schedule in Excel really requires the use of Excel filters so you can isolate each week and get the numbering right. By this I mean there's a column named SGNM in the schedule which stands for game number in each week, you have to ensure that games are scheduled correctly or they'll be issues when you try to simulate. There's a whole process to editing the schedule in Excel. You have to check to make sure that your SGNM column for each week is numbered from 0 to however many games are scheduled that week, but there can't be any duplicate numbers for each week and it can't be missing a number or else it'll glitch out when simulating inside the Dynasty. You can check this by filtering out the SEWN column in Excel, which is week # starting with 0 (0 is week 1, 1 is week 2, etc). You can use the Excel Filter to copy and paste the filtered SGNM values for each week, then you can paste the values by right clicking in a new book in Excel and sorting the SGNM column for each week from smallest to largest to check to make sure that week is numbered properly. Each week has to be scheduled and numbered properly (no duplicates, no missing #s) to avoid issues when simulating.

I'm starting to sort everything out to truly edit a dynasty save file with a 1990s roster and edit it into a season from the 1990s, with conferences schedules and coaches sorted out etc. It's an incredibly satisfying adventure but it takes a lot of time and work. Another thing you need to do is to edit Nebraska's coaching logic, because by 2005 they became a Pro Style offense as their default coaching strategy in NCAA 06 when you start a new Dynasty but in the 1990s they were exclusively an Option-Run style offense. You can edit any school's offense philosophy in Dynasty even schools you aren't controlling which is helpful, this can also be edited in Excel. You really see the results when simulating, I made Nebraska an option run style offense but kept their default Nebraska playbook (which is Pro Style with some option plays mixed in) and a 50/50 Run/Pass ratio and well they ran more option plays but their QB still had too many passing yards. I think I now will test them with the option run playbook or increase their Run/Pass Ration to 60/40 or something so the Nebraska QB will get more rushing yards than passing yards when simulating.

Once you get the 1990s conferences, like the Big 8 and SWC, you end up with fun scenarios when simulating a season. I'm currently exploring how to adjust the ranking logic which seems to be based on which conference teams are in and which values each conference are set to. I've seen WAC schools finish in the Top 5, I've seen a SWC school win the National Title. I've seen Big 8 Nebraska get to the National Title at 11-0, another time they made it to the Nat'l Title Game at 10-1. Another year they were 10-1 but finished #6 or #7 it was crazy for some reason there were a bunch of 9-2 schools ahead of them that year. I think you can influence how teams are ranked by editing values related to what conference teams are in.

I plan on recording some of my Dynasty simulations and sharing some videos, maybe one day when I get everything sorted I'll create a youtube channel or something. But for now I just wanted to create this topic and share my findings while editing an NCAA 06 Dynasty and trying to re-create seasons and rosters from the 1990s in an NCAA 06 Dynasty.

I'm just having a blast updating these Dynasty files in Excel to the 1990s (rosters, schedules, coaches, conferences, etc) and methodically figuring stuff out and simulating the season with the old conferences to test my Dynasty edits and seeing what happens. To get this to this point took so much work you wouldn't even believe how many endless days of Dynasty testing I went through to figure a lot of this stuff out.

It's so nostalgic to me to re-create seasons from the 1990s in NCAA 06. I know that here in 2020 many college football fans are craving a college football video game, and I know that some people may have dabbled in trying to edit a Dynasty and would love to play out a season from the 1990s with everything up to date in NCAA 06, there's just so so much work involved that people only get so far. With me though I am so dedicated to realizing this dream that I have put the time and work in to make this kind of a thing a reality. First getting the roster converted properly to NCAA 06 which is a mountain of work by itself, even with the help of minotauri's Excel tools which were a big help but only get you so far. Just converting rosters alone is a big undertaking on its own, then doing all the work in editing a Dynasty save editing schedules, conferences, coaches, etc etc etc for a specific season. It's literally like working a full time job for months and months just to convert everything and sort out all the issues so everything's updated and there's no issues when you simulate.

But once you really get as deep into it as I have, it becomes fun, even the work of editing the Dynasty becomes fun. It became a goal of mine to really see everything through that I dreamed of what NCAA 06 could be. And slowly but surely I am realize the dream and I hope some day soon I can share this with you. I'm still a ways from the finish line, there's a lot of stuff I still am trying to figure out but I've made a ton of progress to get to where I'm at in NCAA 06. This topic is simply a place for anyone interested in editing a Dynasty of NCAA 06 to talk about all the little things involved in this process.

There are questions i still have like : is there any way to edit the Pre-season rankings at the start of Year 1 of a Dynasty? Maybe this is something that can only be edited on the disc as I haven't found out how to edit pre-season rankings by editing the save file. I'm interested to see who else has been having a go at converting PS3 Rosters to NCAA 06 PS2, and then maybe trying to edit Dynasty to make seasons from the past with classic conferences and stuff. There's really a whole world to explore here just in terms of editing a NCAA 06 Dynasty save file and re-creating a season from the past.

There's a ton of columns in these Dynasty csv files that I still have no idea what they do, there are many columns that I just leave alone not wanting to mess up something. But through testing I've found out what a lot of these columns do, so I am a great resource of knowledge when it comes to editing Dynasty stuff in Excel if anyone has any questions.

I know there are college football fans out there craving an updated NCAA 06, so they can play out seasons from the past in all its glory. For now I am just creating this topic for those that are interested in figuring out the ins and outs of NCAA 06 Dynasty editing.

NCAA 06 PS2 Dynasty Save File Editing



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Re: NCAA 06 PS2 Dynasty Save File Editing

Postby Harry97 » Thu Jun 25, 2020 7:24 pm

I'll get this topic going with some observations that I've seen when testing out Dynasty Mode after making edits to the save file in Excel. These are things to look out for and be aware of if you plan on doing any NCAA 06 PS2 Dynasty editing yourself.

1. When you rename the name of a school in the TEAM csv, when you go into a match the commentators will not call them by their name any more, instead they will refer to the team as "Air Force". Also the PA announcer will not announce them by their name any longer either.

In many cases teams had different names in the 90s then they did in the 2000s. For example Bowling Green was called "Bowling Green State" in the 90s. You can make these kinds of changes to the school's name in the TEAM section of a Dynasty save but then it will cause the commentators to call them Air Force in-game instead of their name like Bowling Green. This is a bit of a problem for me as part of the fun of Dynasty Mode is to rename teams so they are what they were known as in the 1990s. In many cases teams are not given their full name in NCAA 06 like Cal's name is "Cal" in the game instead of "California". (though ironically the commentators refer to them as "California" in-game, not Cal) if you rename them to "California" then go into a match the commentators will them Air Force instead of Cal. So in-game inside of a Dynasty, the school's name has to be their exact "default" name for the commentators to announce their name correctly.

So Cal has to be spelt "Cal" exactly or they'll be called Air Force. So to use another example, USC has to be named "USC" exactly in the TEAM section of a Dynasty save, if you rename them to "Southern Cal" for example in a Dynasty they'll be called Air Force by the commentators. I wonder if this problem can be solved by editing a file somewhere on the PS2 disc and changing each school's default name to something different so the names match when editing the name in Dynasty so their name will be called correctly by the commentators even with an edited name inside a Dynasty.

As it stands I am trying to find a solution for this problem without editing the PS2 disc. You can change the edited name back to its original before going into your Dynasty game, then editing the name back to its new name once you are in the game which seems to work. Aside from these commentators and PA announcer calling them the wrong team (Air Force) in-game, everything else seems to work fine when using a custom name. So that's my solution for now. If someone figures out another way to rename schools and have the commentators and PA announcers announce their name correctly in-game with a custom name I'll be impressed.

2. As far as attendance and crowds, there is a way to increase attendance for each school inside a Dynasty, however there are a number of schools who still will not sell out their stadium even if you set the values to the maximum it can be when editing the save file. Some teams that come to mind are like Arkansas State, or Tulsa. Even if you max out their attendance they'll still be empty seats in their home games in a Dynasty. The vast majority of the schools especially the bigger schools you can make them have sellouts all the time by editing the save file. It seems to depend on the size of the stadium and the school itself. You can make most small schools with stadiums sell out, but small schools with bigger stadiums you won't be able to get sell outs at least not right away. Maybe if you turn the school into a powerhouse you can eventually get a sellout, but you can't get a full house for several of the smaller schools at the beginning of the first year of a Dynasty.

This is one of the main differences between NCAA 06 and NCAA 07-11 on PS2. NCAA 06 was the last game in the series that had so-called "dynamic" attendance. Starting in NCAA 07 if I'm not mistaken, in Dynasty every school's stadium was pretty much always a sell out. It's important though that you can edit this to an extent in the Dynasty save file, as by default in a NCAA 06 dynasty attendance is quite low for a lot of teams. You can increase attendance a lot by editing the Dynasty save file, enough to make most stadiums sellouts but as I said depending on the school and how big the stadium is, some schools you still cannot make it sell out even when setting the value to the highest value.

3. When I've edited conferences and changed the Big XII to the Big 8 for example, while I've managed to change the main logo of the conference from Big XII to Big 8, at the end of the season when it shows the Big 8 Championship trophy on the team that won the conference, it still has the Big XII trophy. I wonder if you can switch the Big XII trophy to a Big 8 trophy like you can for the main logo by editing the Dynasty save file. I wonder if anyone's been able to figure out how to change these conference championship trophies, maybe there's a Big 8 Trophy you can switch it like you could the main conference logo.

4. You can edit the name and appearance of all the coaches in a saved Dynasty, however you can only do this outside of the Dynasty by editing the save file in Excel. The only time you can edit the name and appearance of the coaches in-game is at the Start of a New Dynasty. I found out which columns in the coaches csv file changes coaches body type, skin tone and face (there's only a couple of options to choose from for the coaches) by starting a new Dynasty editing a couple of the coaches then extracting the file from the memory card and checking what columns have value changes in Excel. I've narrowed this down to do some basic editing to the coaches. It would be a lot easier if NCAA 06 allowed you to edit coaches in-game once you're in a Dynasty. But it doesn't, so you have to work within the limits of the game, you can start a new Dynasty and edit coaches at the beginning of the Dynasty, then proceed into the Dynasty, save your Dynasty and then export the coaches CSV and import that CSV into another saved Dynasty. This process has worked for me. While you can't edit the coaches appearance or name in-game, you can edit coaching strategy of every school not just the school you are controlling which is useful, as trying to figure out which column does what in Excel can be time consuming.

5. When you schedule games in Dynasty you don't have to specify whether the game you are scheduling is a conference game or not. It automatically becomes a conference game if the school on the schedule is in your conference or not. The only early to mid 1990s 1A school that is missing in NCAA 06 is Pacific. Pacific's last season was in 1995. So until I add Pacific as a Create-A-School at the beginning of a New Dynasty, some schools in the Big West will have 1 less conference game than others (those who played Pacific that season and those who didn't) so the teams who had Pacific on their schedule will finish a half game off from other teams who didn't have Pacific on their schedule. (it wasn't a full round robin) But you can still win the conference by a half-game even if you've played one less conference game than other schools in the conference due to Pacific not being added yet. I plan on creating Pacific as a team in Create-A-School then adding them to the Big West at the beginning of a New Dynasty replacing either USF, FAU or FIU who didn't exist back in the 1990s. Alternatively I guess I could try editing USF, FAU or FIU inside of the saved Dynasty via Excel and rename them then export the PLAY (Players) csv file and edit the player names in Excel but I think it would be easier to just use the Create-A-School feature as I'm not entirely sure how I would go about changing the team colors of a school inside of a saved Dynasty.

After 1995 you won't need to worry about creating Pacific as a Create-A-School since that was their last year as a football program but since I am focused on re-creating early to mid 1990s rosters I will be creating Pacific as a Create-A-School, then renaming their rosters and ratings then adding them to a New Dynasty at the beginning of a New Dynasty!

6. On-Field conference logos : I learned how to change the Conference Logos that appear on Fields around the 25-35 yard line. Since the Mountain West didn't exist in the early to mid 1990s I wanted to delete the Mountain West Logos that appear on the fields of schools that were in that conference in 2005. Every school has its own 25-35 yard line logo default "value" that can be edited inside of a Saved Dynasty, however some of schools do not have any conference logo on that field, so you can the value of schools with no logo on their field by default for schools in the Southwest Conference for example where NCAA 06 doesn't have a logo for that conference. Or you could change a school's on-field conference logo to a school who has the WAC logo on their field if they were in the WAC in the 1990s but were in the Mountain West in 2005 for example.

What's cool about this is that every school in the game seems to have a "different" on-field conference logo even from other schools who are in the same conference. So this means you have many different on-field WAC logos that you can choose from. If you start moving teams into the WAC for example, you have enough different colored WAC logos that you can move to the fields of the schools that were in the WAC in the 1990s. There's even an unused black WAC logo that I found that looks great. Hawaii for example also has a black WAC logo on its field but it's bigger in size than this unused one that is smaller.

Like for example, here's what you can do. In 2005 Idaho was in the WAC and in NCAA 06 they have a yellow WAC logo on their field. However, in the 1990s, Idaho was a 1-AA team and Wyoming was in the WAC. Wyoming was in the Mountain West in 2005. So you can use Idaho's "yellow" WAC field logo and by editing the Dynasty save file in Excel, switch the value so this yellow "Idaho" WAC logo is on Wyoming's field for a 1990s Dynasty. And this yellow WAC logo looks great on Wyoming's field since the color matches. La Tech was also in the WAC in 2005, but was in the Big West in 1995. La Tech has like a half blue half red on-field WAC logo in NCAA 06. So since I didn't find any on-field Big West logos in NCAA 06, I simply changed La Tech's on-field conference logo to be blank on their field since they weren't in the WAC in the 1990s and since there's no on-field Big West logo that I could find.

So while we may not have an on-field Big West or Southwest Conference logo to switch to, through editing the save file, we can simply "delete" a school's BigXII logo on their field by switching them to a value of a school who didn't have any logo on their field by default. So we can, for example, make Texas or Texas A&M's field have no logo on their field (since there isn't a Southwest Conference logo) instead of a BigXII logo when in a 1990s Dynasty.

So it's a process of editing the save file to give as many school's fields the conference logo of the conference they were in in the 1990s that are also in NCAA 06, and for the conferences who don't have a logo in NCAA 06 like the SWC you can simply give these schools no field logo, which is better than them having the wrong conference logo, like the BigXII logo or the Mountain West logo that is there by default.

7. I haven't found any way to edit or "switch" the conference logos that are on the uniforms. As I explained, I found out to do this with the conference logos on the fields, but the conference logos on the uniform are different logos than the conference logos that are on the fields which are editable in the save file. I can't say for sure whether or not the conference logos on the uniforms are editable / switchable by editing the Dynasty save file like you can with the on-field logos. If someone manages to figure out how to switch uniform logos by editing a Dynasty save file like you can with the on-field conference logos please let me know as that would be a big discovery.

8. There seems to be a ton of editing possible as it pertains to stadiums by editing the Dynasty save file. I haven't really tried doing any stadium editing yet. But there's a whole csv just for the stadiums. This needs to be tested thoroughly. I'd like to for example try to edit Tulane or Minnesota's home stadium in NCAA 06 and make it outdoor. Tulane and Minnesota's home stadiums were a Dome in NCAA 06. Another thing I want to try to do is to take Colorado State's Hughes Stadium which is in NCAA 06 and turn it into the brand new Canvas Stadium. I wonder if this can be accomplished by editing the stadium csv in the Dynasty Save file.

9. One bonus about NCAA 06 is that it features the old classic Stanford Stadium. The old Stanford Stadium, which was the site of Super Bowl XIX, is there in all its glory in NCAA 06, and it's absolutely gorgeous. In NCAA 07 they replaced it with Stanford's new smaller stadium that they built in 2006. NCAA 06 having the old Stanford Stadium makes it that much more classic and nostalgic. The old Stanford Stadium is one of my favorite stadiums in NCAA 06. I think I will make the old Stanford Stadium the site of a National Championship in my 1990s NCAA 06 Dynasty just for fun.

Some of the stadiums in NCAA 06 were improved in NCAA 07, some stadiums even look a little bigger in NCAA 07-11 than they did in NCAA 06. But many stadiums are exactly the same in NCAA 07 as they were in NCAA 06. NCAA 06 updated many stadiums from NCAA 2005, and NCAA 2005 stadiums were a drastic improvement from the stadiums in NCAA 04. So while some stadiums look a bit better in NCAA 07-11, most appear to look about the same as they did in NCAA 06.

10. The statistical engine of NCAA 06's Dynasty Mode is the absolute GOAT of football video games. And yes that includes Madden 08 PC, Madden on PS2, etc. I know some on this site may disagree lol but that's OK.

In a Madden Franchise you have a mere 32 teams, in NCAA 06 you have nearly 120 teams and doesn't even include all the 1AA teams that you can schedule just to add even more variety to schedules. When you're as deep into NCAA 06 Dynasty editing as I am and you start simulating 1990s seasons and stuff, the realism and level of depth of this engine is absolutely mind blowing.

NCAA 06 also features the option as an offensive style / philosophy. Madden 08 PC doesn't have this offensive style built into the game, nor does it have option plays built into the game. I was impressed to see the lateral implemented into Madden 08 PC by a very skilled posters here on this site, but it's still not the same to it being built into the game with a dedicated button and style of offense as it is in NCAA 06.

I'm just saying : what has been achieved here on this site in regards to Madden 08 PC is absolutely phenomenal. What you guys have achieved with Madden 08 PC is flat out amazing, But with that said, Madden 08 PC cannot do college football as good as NCAA 06 PS2. Not by a mile.

NCAA 06 PS2 is the king of college football video games, and that's why I've dedicated myself to updating NCAA 06. NCAA 06 has such a solid foundation, as did Madden 08 PC, and so much in Madden 08 PC has been conquered and updated by this community. But NCAA 06 hasn't gotten the football idiot treatment that Madden 08 PC has, so updating NCAA 06 as I have been doing is pretty much all unchartered territory.

This is all discovery, not just for me but for everyone. This is valuable information I am sharing here with the community, and I'm sharing my knowledge about NCAA 06 with ya'll as my way of giving back to this community that has helped me update NCAA 06 since a lot of the Madden 08 PC modding work applies to NCAA 06 PS2 only with different limitations. I also am doing this in the hope that someone will read this and may have found out some solutions to the stuff I haven't figured out yet.

Even if no one comments in this topic right away, that's OK. I have no expectations for this topic other than to help others who are trying to edit Dynasty on NCAA 06 PS2. This information that I have provided is based on my experience as others have surely experienced a lot of the same stuff that I'm talking about in here when trying to edit an NCAA 06 PS2 Dynasty save file.

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