Madden Ultimate Team for Madden 08 PC Open Teams

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Madden Ultimate Team for Madden 08 PC Open Teams

Postby Dbats » Fri Mar 30, 2018 12:10 am

Hello footballidiot communitty, im here for invite everybody to join at MUT for PC.

Mut is something never seen for madden 08, with more than 170 teams and more than 320 players (More players to be add)

You build your own team with a cap limit based on "Madden Coins" you receive 1200 and can get players like michael vick, calvin jonhson, Too Tall Jones, deion sander, sean taylor, etc, etc.

Every team have 2 exclusive captains for example ravens have Ray Lewis and Jonathan Ogden

We play tournaments, ranked games, and the lombardi challenge that is like a king of the hill

We have a ladder rank, cards design, trophys and many never seen features. And this is only the start!!!

Discord is the official chat platform and we have a high respect rules, so we keep competition and fun. Our website is still being build but some sections like the team build is already working:

If you're interested in join, just reply this post and we can talk at discord or via PM.

Madden Ultimate Team for Madden 08 PC Open Teams



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Rest in Peace, Mauricio...

Postby ycleped » Sat Jun 02, 2018 11:17 am

I am absolutely heartbroken to announce that the founder of this league, and my good friend Mauricio, has passed away...

Here are some messages from his mother who is extremely grateful for the impact the Madden 08 community had on his life:

I hope to be writing in the right place; I am the mother of Mauricio and with the greatest sadness I am telling all your friends that my son died at dawn due to cardiac complications.

He used to tell me how happy he was to have met friends in the USA, Brazil, Greece, etc. And that he would try hard to one day be able to win.

After he lost his fiancee, he became very depressed and his health declined, as a mother, I was glad to see him have a way to get distracted and pass his time.

Please, please remember my son with love and dedicate a prayer in his name.

Our whole family appreciates the words of support, sorry if I do not answer in English but I need a translator to use it. My daughter found some images on the computer that say mut and bring football players, so I think they were part of the game. In a symbolic way, some will be printed and taken to his funeral tomorrow. We are grateful for the words of support

When I read some comments, I can tell because my son loved this place so much. I remember having some discussions because he was late for lunch and he said "I'm in the last quarter" he also worried a lot about his players. I have never seen football and I do not understand it, but one day he was very happy and he told me that he had "Julius and Brian" I really would have liked to know this place in another way, in the last years it became one of my son's favorite pastimes

I'm sure he would not like anyone's sadness and would like them to keep playing. He became sad when a cone league closed. I did not know what he was referring to but I imagine you know

Thank you all for the friendship you had with Mauricio. As a mother it is hard to lose a child but it is comforting to know that he always had good friends, I was able to meet his schoolmates, teammates, but never his virtual friends.

Rest in peace, Mauricio...


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