Making Americans into Wussies is their Goal.

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Re: Making Americans into Wussies is their Goal.

Postby AaronS » Mon Feb 13, 2017 1:31 pm

JSamuel wrote:People need to figure out that if they get hurt, it's their own fault. They chose to play that sport, and they need to accept the fact that they themselves are the reason for their injury. If they didn't want to get injured, they should have stayed home.

Yes, that's easy to SAY, and type.

We live in the land of frivolous law suits. Regardless of the self-assumed risk involved with football, there are still irresponsible human beings out there that can AND WILL file suit against the school districts that put on (and are ultimately responsible for) these football games.

Schools aren't being properly funded in the US as it is. Education in this country is falling behind many other developed nations. They don't need funding taken from them courtesy of damages being paid to former students and greedy parents.

.. nevermind the fact that its OUR tax dollar that would flip the bill.

JSamuel wrote:Nobody should have to ban any sport for safety reasons.

I don't want it banned.

But we're well past the point of no return regarding player safety, and there is nothing on the horizon to clean it up.

I think its grossly irresponsible to keep football as a part of publicly funded school systems.

Re: Making Americans into Wussies is their Goal.



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Re: Making Americans into Wussies is their Goal.

Postby PatrioticParty » Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:00 pm

School Shouldnt have ANY Sports. They need to be affilated with something else. I dont mind college football but really sports that do anything with school is wacky... School is there to teach you basic things. Not sports.
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