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Tua Tagovailoa & Trevor Lawrence

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 11:20 am
by sarcasticface
My thoughts on these 2?

1) Overrated; Can’t do anything against good defenses.
2) Overhyped; People give him love for throwing more TDs than incompletions against ABC University.
3) Injury Prone; Self-explanatory. Very fragile. Got injured against Mizzou, Miss State, Georgia, and Clemson. It must be a thing with Hawaiian QB’s because Mariota’s pretty fragile, too.
4) He’s very accurate (when not playing good teams). I’ll give you that.

1) Holy Sh*t, this guy is good; His awareness is beyond this planet. I think he’s gonna get 2 Heismans and 3 CFP titles.
2) He does look like a tranny, but looks don’t say it all.

Also, Zach Wilson (BYU):
1) (IMO) As dual threat as Johnny Football was in college.
2) Very accurate (this can be seen with his stats in the Potato Bowl: 18/18, 317 yards, 4 TD).

What do you think of these two (or three if you count Wilson)? Write your thoughts below!