How the weather conditions affect a real nfl game ?

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How the weather conditions affect a real nfl game ?

Postby 158.3 » Mon Nov 25, 2019 11:03 am

Because I’m almost a newbie in this beautiful sport (no more than year & half involved), the problematics around
atmospheric conditions is higly valuable for me.

Let’s discuss a few important issues as follows:

1) How does the strong wind affect a game ? Does it worsen the passing game greatly or suggest more often using of running moves?
What do you deem as strong winds – ones with speeds above 10 or 15 mph, or even higher ?
What are the most windiest places in America, probably area around big lakes – Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo ?

2) How does the low temperature affect a game ? Especially according to pass/run game and probability for
(serious) injuries under such circumstances… What places in America are most influenced by low temperatures
in the winter/ autumn ? What values in °C \°F do you consider to be low temperature ?

3) How do the showers worsen game conditions ? What about heavier rains thru autumn ? Is the pitch the right place
for running game then ?

4) Does the same as upper-mentioned apply for snow weather ? Heavy snowfall in north USA in winter probably is a big
problem for both sides of the game…
5) Let’s change the trend – what do you think about games played at high altitudes, such as Denver Miles High or sometimes in Mexico City
at Azteca Stadium. Is it easier to kick the ball there for a field goal and why ? Some people say the same for games under dome…I don’t know
yet. What do you reckon as high altitude place , how many meters above sea level ?

6) How does warm weather (high temperature) affect a real nfl game ? What kind of playing get upper hand then – pass or play, and why ?
I’ve heard ,the warm temperatures allow the ball to carry better… Is it true ? What values do you consider as hot weather – 30-35 ℃
or even higher ?

7) Does high level of humidity play any role to american football ? I suggest, that during summer in south states (for example Florida, New
Orleans and others) very wet conditions (above 75-80% humidity) create any (negative ?) effect onto games, played there ?
What do you think about it ?

I’ll be very glad to hear as much opinions as possibly.
Don’t hesitate to add views to other weather conditions, which I had forgotten to mention above…

How the weather conditions affect a real nfl game ?



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Re: How the weather conditions affect a real nfl game ?

Postby jose21crisis » Mon Nov 25, 2019 8:31 pm

All right, I'll try to answer this:
1) Wind would affect the passing game. If the wind was coming from your right, the ball would end up a bit to the left every time you threw it, with more effect as the ball's time in the air increases.
2) The players would be uncomfortable in the cold I'd guess.
3) The ball gets slick, meaning more fumbles, more drops. The grass doesn't have as much grip either so you'll have guys slipping a fair bit.
4) The snow could lower visibility, and there is a lot less grip on the ground I suppose.
5) Since air density is lower, the ball moves easier through the air. This means kicks go farther, throws do the same. As for the players, they get tired faster since there's less oxygen. Some outright can't play there due to medical conditions.
6) Heat would get the players tired faster. Hot temperatures also work, for our purposes, as a slight decrease in air density. The ball travels further in hot air.
7) I'm guessing a slick ball and the air feeling hotter than it should?
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Re: How the weather conditions affect a real nfl game ?

Postby ultimatum77 » Mon Nov 25, 2019 11:25 pm

In really cold weather, catching a leather ball like a football is like catching a heavy rock. If you don't wear gloves it will sting your hands a bit when you catch it due to the cold and also the ball being harder than normal. I've found in colder weather the ball tends to not be able to travel really far compared to warm weather when throwing the ball. Certain stadiums have favorable wind swirls that it is up to the team at the coin toss to pick favorably. I've seen NFL games where the coach will kick with the wind and defend the endzone against the wind so that the offense is throwing against the wind and it is easier to pick off/ball sails off target. Same with field goals, sometimes coaches will run the clock out till the change of field position at the end of quarters to get a more favorable field goal attempt or kickoff.

In terms of players, because it's frozen in some conditions, injuries are more likely as the muscles are tensed/cold and not loose compared to a warm day. A lot of times you will see more tendon tears in a frozen game than in a normal weather/warm weather game. Also, speaking scientifically the colder weather will mean less blood flow to your limbs as more blood is routed to your core body/torso to keep your core temperature elevated. This means your muscles aren't a priority in terms of the body's circulation so less removal of lactic acid from excercise, less oxygen to the cells, more fatigue/less energy/burst in motion cuts etc....

It's probably why you see teams like the Bucs or Dolphins struggle in cold weather games since they're body is not used to the weather and they are a half a beat slower sometimes. I remember the dolphins, patriots playoff game a long time ago back when Jay Fiedler was the addition to the footwear issue of not using deep teeth cleats the whole team was very sluggish in movement due to the icy conditions in foxborough. I'm not a dolphins fan but that game was a prime example, along with the stats that show most dome teams (like Indy, and Minnesota) don't do well with bad weather especially in the playoffs when it's brutal cold up north like in Greenbay or New England.
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Re: How the weather conditions affect a real nfl game ?

Postby KO'BBF » Thu Nov 28, 2019 4:00 pm

Well for.a football "newbie" you have the coolest user name in this entire group.
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