Redskins change their name?

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Re: Redskins change their name?

Postby Danchat » Fri Nov 01, 2013 8:44 pm

Loxley wrote:You know, I wasn't going to share my opinion about this matter mainly because I don't think there's a "correct point of view" there are valid points from both sides of the debate, but I must say that if I was on Snyder shoes I'd change the name for good, I understand the tradition and I personally never tought of the Redskins as a bad brand but I think the Oneida Nation and anyone who agree with their cause should be listened, historically speaking the term "Redskin" wasn't coined as a reference to honor the native americans, it's a racial slang considered offensive by native americans and general population alike. Period. I know the Redskins weren't bad intended when they decided to name their team but honestly, why fight it? If someone feels offended by the term, even if it's a minority and results that the person has some valid reason to feel offended, why not listen? why not make a change for good? they could change the name to something like Warriors, everybody will be okay, the fans in Washington will still root for the team and probably there'll be even more fans granted the name will not be labeled as classless by the people who can't stand the term "Redskins" and the world will keep spinning. There are some things we should let go, even if it hurts

So then, can I get the North Dakota Fighting Sioux back? They were named for good intentions and actually honored the Sioux. Nobody found it offensive until the NCAA randomly found it so. Read this quote: "After sanctimoniously declaring the logo “hostile and abusive” and pushing the State of North Dakota into a protracted legal and political battle that lasted for years (which included the NCAA steamrolling an actual Sioux tribe which wanted to keep the nickname and logo), it’s nice to know that the NCAA is still using it. It’s nice to know they’re still oh-so-sensitive to those supposedly offended by the logo." (Source:

I know, the Redskins are a different case. I can understand why someone would find that offensive, unlike the Fighting Sioux. But next to nobody does. We can't accommodate everyone...
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Re: Redskins change their name?



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Re: Redskins change their name?

Postby ianjones » Wed Nov 20, 2013 7:20 pm

the important thing to remember here isnt the correctness of either side of the debate. its that the controversy re-emerged in the middle of a govt shutdown! yeah dallas had that superbowl 3peat and while that is pretty significant, which other nfl team can say that they are more important than the entire body of american govt?! personally, i am offended by the new york giants. i have a friend who is 6'10" and the naming of new york's football team has caused him severe emotional distress. starting three years ago he began taping shoes to his knees, which he now uses as his means of propulsion so that the hordes of people dont point at him and say "look at that new york giant!" he cant even get a job because people think he is an idiot who walks on his knees. i want the giants removed from the nfl, not just because they suck, but so that my friend may once again stand at full mast without the fear that somewhere, on some channel he doesnt turn to, some team that he doesnt like from some sport he doesnt watch, is doing their best to put all of their pride into a stigma that has literally brought him to his knees.

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