Packers lost!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Packers lost!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby AaronS » Tue May 29, 2012 5:10 pm

Littleware wrote:When Farve won it, Reggie White "The Minister of Defense" was pancaking dudes with one arm! Their defense dogged Bill Parcel's Patriots and Drew Bledsoe! It wasn't Favre at all! Desmond Howard was MVP for the special teams returns (I remember clearly, him doing the "Robot" as he scored!) funny as hell!

I realize this is an old threat, but this post needs a smackdown.

Packers first offensive play... Favre audible, resulting in a 54 yard td pass.

Second Quarter.. another audible, resulting in what was then the longest td pass in Super Bowl history, 81 yards.

Favre would also run for a td and toss a 2 point conversion.

Favre was the first (and possibly ONLY) QB to account for 3 tds and NOT to be named Super Bowl MVP.

/history lesson.

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