Sprinting doesn't work in Madden 2005 -- why???? Help!!!

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Sprinting doesn't work in Madden 2005 -- why???? Help!!!

Postby da_Bucs » Sat Oct 22, 2022 11:04 pm

Recently bought Madden 2005 for the PC for nostalgia reasons (old Xbox is in storage and I wanted a future-proofed way to play it).

Was having an absolute blast getting back into the game, but then I noticed something strange and baffling.

My RBs cannot[/i] and [i]will not sprint unless they are running at perfect 90-degree angles, or due N S E W cardinal directions (and without using the spring button--it's as if that button actually slows them down somehow!).

They cannot spring diagonally, and every time they try to turn a corner on a toss run they go back to "jogging" mode and are instantly caught by CBs and OLBs who of course sprint normally no problem.

This problem occurred on both my PowerA (2020) third party controller, and, most shockingly, on my Logitech F310 (2022?) that I recently purchased for optimal compatibility.

In addition to the inability to sprint, the dual-shock vibrations do not function on the Logitech controller when in-game for some reason.

Any help on this issue would be great -- I have found virtually nothing about this online except an old IGN forum post from 2005 with the exact same problem (they were using a Thrustmaster controller): https://www.ignboards.com/threads/madde ... .78715144/

I'm in agony. The game is virtually ruined without the ability to sprint on offence (special teams is like this too -- every ball carrying activity is tarnished and running is unbearably sluggish. Imagine only being able to jog on kickoff returns).

Please please please if you have any solutions I'd be very grateful (everything else seems to work fine with my Logitech controller....so weird)
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Sprinting doesn't work in Madden 2005 -- why???? Help!!!



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Re: Sprinting doesn't work in Madden 2005 -- why???? Help!!!

Postby Pregadordouard » Wed May 17, 2023 8:18 pm

maybe EA wanted to make the mobility of the players more realistic , since , in real life , to change direction you need to slow down , but the developers ended up blocking the " sprint " when running diagonally , I believe it was a development error .

if it weren't for that, the gameplay of 05 would still be more realistic than that of 04, I find it interesting that gameplay is a little tougher than that of 04

as in the more realistic maddens like 12, 25, ncaa 14 and all pro football 2k8. Even so, you can have an idea that the acc of players in 05 is equivalent to the acc in 30/35 in madden 08

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