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Re: Custom Franchise Issues

Postby JPMoneyman » Tue Nov 23, 2021 11:55 pm

Game 6
Running Madden without Calhoupes Scripts
Using the latest modded streameddata file

Bills (CPU) vs Ravens(USER)
Depth Charts reordered pre-game
Formation subs reset in-game
SUB IN/OUT at 84-90
Auto Subs on

1. The Formation Subs menu still doesn't match with the playcall menu (in terms of player positions) and in game personnel.

2. When I placed players into the formation subs there were some strange things happening. The issue of the HB being subbed into DT in Nickel 3-3-5 Wide happened when I placed him into Gun Y Trio Offset. And vice versa if I changed the HB to DT in the defense, the DT showed up as HB in the offense.
*I had noticed this in the last game. Interesting to see it happen again. I believe it may be due to the streameddata file as it has done some strange formation substitutions which is known I think.
Resetting the subs for those formations fixed the issue and I played around with my other preferred subs to see what else might happen. Some were fine. It is a matter of putting them in and then checking the defensive formations.

3. The game did some subs since there was an even split of time with the ball and a couple of long series on offense and defense. I didn't notice any offense players in the defense or vice versa. And again I did not observe any misaligned defensive formations.

For the record I lost 23-22. Thanks to a blown coverage on defense. And a holding call just as I got into FG range near the end. I almost recovered a fumble at the very end but a booth review killed that Turnover!

Strangely I did actually have a random cutscene game crash 3 times while trying to play the game! I have an idea what happened but I want to test it out first before I say what I think happened.

It looks at this stage that ordering depth charts in terms of position rather than OVR and setting lower Sub IN/OUT values does help to reduce the chance of weird substitutions and misaligned formations in the updated game.

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