Using a Xbox 360 Controller

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Using a Xbox 360 Controller

Postby Hype » Sat Sep 07, 2019 3:46 pm

So I play on an iMac, using a wired Xbox 360 controller. It works and is playable, but it seems that my left trigger button is locked down during gameplay.

What that means is that, when picking a play, if I don't hold down the left trigger then the playbooks will "flip play" rapidly until I pick a play. Also when watching a replay, it locks down and I can't manually adjust it.

Is there a way I can disable certain buttons in a file, or is there a way to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Using a Xbox 360 Controller



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Re: Using a Xbox 360 Controller

Postby Gronky » Sun Sep 15, 2019 10:24 pm

Yeah throw it out the window and claim insurance if your not running windows 10 for free which they gave out for free then you loco :D :mrgreen: Microsoft made xbox 8-)

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