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A problem with CMP66's coaching slider changes?

Posted: Fri May 04, 2018 3:07 pm
by theasl
I started using the coaching slider changes after reading NZA's guide, and while it certainly improves the realism of simmed stats, there seems to be one problem with it: it doesn't seem to affect the "Ask Madden" suggestions, while exaggerating changes in CPU playcalling in non-simmed games. I've played multiple seasons with different teams - always taking the suggested play except on 4th downs or doing no-huddle inside 2 minutes, and never controlling the runner - and with the adjusted coaching sliders I always finish 1st in rush attempts, yards, and defense by a huge margin; without them I usually finish somewhere in the middle. With the adjusted coaching sliders, I regularly finish games with 40+ minutes of possession without even trying, even when I lose in blowouts; without them, the AI usually ends up with more rushing attempts (if not yards).

Has anyone else experienced this? Or is it just me?

My settings, in case they make a difference:
Pro (yeah I suck at this game) 15m quarters, acc (17s), classic mode
Original 2007 rosters/coaches, real draft classes
Almost all Calhoupe scripts enabled, minus the Peyton one
All penalties at 99 (and I still usually end up with the least over a full season, but that's a whole different issue)
Injuries 104 in-game/102 sim

Code: Select all

Slider                         Human   CPU
QB Accuracy                       25    45
Pass Blocking                     30    50
WR Catching                       35    55
Run Ability                       55    80
Run Blocking                      50    75
Def. Awareness                    70    95
Knockdowns                        35    95
Interceptions                      0     5
Break Block                       35    65
Tackling                          40    70
FG Length                         60    60
FG Accuracy                        0    99
Punt Length                       55    55
Punt Accuracy                      0    99
Kickoffs                          65    65

Re: A problem with CMP66's coaching slider changes?

Posted: Fri May 04, 2018 3:22 pm
by jose21crisis
Biggest problem is that a live 15 minute quarters game can't be compared to a simmed game (Which are also 15 minute quarters). In live games, the CPU snaps the ball way too fast (The reason why you are getting so much time with the ball), and due to this possession are shorter, which means more possessions, more attempts, more yards and eventually leading the league in everything except defense. I would suggest lowering your quarters to 10 or 12 so that the live game stats compare better to the simmed stats.

Re: A problem with CMP66's coaching slider changes?

Posted: Fri May 04, 2018 3:29 pm
by theasl
That's what I thought at first as well, but when I disabled the coaching slider adjustments, the stats are actually fairly even and in line with the rest of the league. I noticed that some teams do snap immediately, while others hold on to the ball longer, depending on game situations. I also snap the ball almost immediately and still end up with 40+ min of possession.

I've also been 32nd in pass and total defense and 1st in run defense before, but that was a different slider set with CPU passing offense set higher.