Questions about Sub In/Out

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Questions about Sub In/Out

Postby jose21crisis » Mon Apr 02, 2018 4:22 pm

I use the Sub In/Out set at 87/93, cdcool's recommended set, and it's been working well when it comes to HB splits. it allows the HB#2 and HB#3 and a more realistic distribution of carries, specially for teams that employ multiple running back systems, like the Patriots or Eagles.

One of the things that troubles me about the Sub In/Out set is this. What happens with teams that don't really split the team carries a lot. For example, the Steelers. They usually just give the ball to Le'Veon Bell all day, with the occasional carry by the backup HBs, and the even rarer FB carry. But with the 87/93 or similar sets, every team splits their carries among all of their backs kind of like a 70/30 split, and some teams don't split carries like that. Older Maddens made this work properly by having the RB1/RB2 slider in the Coach sliders affect the carries between both halfbacks both in fast sim and slow sim, as opposed to 08, in which RB1 is the starting HB and RB2 is the FB and it only works on fast sims.

Now, the above problem might be a necessary sacrifice for the sake of general realism, but another problem appears when using that 87/93 Sub In/Out set. 4th Quarter, 2 minute drill, the offense has been using the no huddle offense a lot and everyone starts to get tired. The offense calls a timeout, and when they come out again, the WR#1 was replaced by WR#3, WR#2 is now a Tight End, the HB is the backup HB (Understandable) and the WR#3 is the Punter (I kid you not, this did happen. The punter just appeared as a receiver.). On the defensive side, we have WRs playing corner or safety, with some running backs mixed in and Tight Ends playing either corner or linebacker, some safety as well. And WR#1 and WR#2 just vanish from existence. This only happens late in the game, or against the CPU when it is using the Peyton Manning script and the QB starts using the no huddle offense a bit too much, but it is a bit of a problem. Tight Ends and Wide Receivers definitely aren't corners and don't cover as well. Tight Ends aren't as fast as wide receivers. Punters aren't fast and can't catch.

This is something the newer Maddens did manage to fix, by having every player position have a different Sub In/Out slider for each one. So HBs could be subbing out and in quick, but wide receivers and tight ends were in the field longer. I wonder if there is a way to make this happen in 08.
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Questions about Sub In/Out



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Re: Questions about Sub In/Out

Postby henshao » Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:38 pm

IMO the only hope would be to globally edit the stamina values of entire positions across the league

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