Let's talk regression (again...)

Sliders, settings and other adjustments to make the game more realistic.

How should I handle Ryan Tinsley's regression?

When game decides to start regressing him, start removing 1 SPD, 1 ACC, 1 AGI every season while he's still on my team.
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When game decides to start regressing him, keep him at 99 SPD, 99 ACC, 94 AGI for two more seasons, then -1, -1, -1 every season after that.
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When game decides to start regressing him, keep him at 99 SPD, 99 ACC, 94 AGI for two more seasons, then go with the game regression after that.
Other idea? (Please specify in comments)
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Let's talk regression (again...)

Postby JPK » Sun Jul 30, 2023 7:00 pm

Hello all!

Those of you who read the Journals forum know I currently have one of the fastest players I've had on my roster. WR/RS Ryan Tinsley has 99 SPD, 99 ACC, 94 AGI. He is currently completing his 9th season at age 31, so I expect him to start regressing next season.

Now, I'm sure we can all agree that Madden's regression is kind of extreme. For this reason, I edit many computer teams to slow down or even cancel regression. (Manually, by editing the players). It's time-consuming but I think it's worth it. I increase a LOT of computer players, so I allow myself to pick one of my own players every once in a while, and slow down his regression. For example, for a WR, I'll go -1 SPD every year instead of the extreme -3 or more, and also make sure the acceleration and agility don't go down too much. I had a WR/CB/ST, Josh Christensen, who I kept an extra 8-10 years, going down -1 SPD every year from 98 SPD to 88 or 89 SPD. He did not have much ACC or AGI to begin with, so I locked both attributes at 80 for the rest of his career.

This leads me back to Ryan Tinsley. I'd like to propose a vote on how to handle his regression, considering he's one of the fastest players and 31 is not that old. Feel free to add your own solutions in the comments, too.

I'm really trying not to cheat the system. I increase a lot of computer attributes, so a little tweaking on my own team can't hurt too much, can it? That said, I play on PRO because I'm not very good and I like to be able to be dominant, so maybe I'm already cheating anyway.

To conclude, if you wish to discuss progression/regression in general, feel free to visit this recent thread too:

Let's talk regression (again...)



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Re: Let's talk regression (again...)

Postby achernar » Thu Aug 03, 2023 6:46 am

Even Tinsley being a absurd player, "time waits for no one" so IMO gave him 2 more seasons, after let the game regress him

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