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Re: Forum Rules

Postby NickyJ » Wed Nov 09, 2016 6:50 pm

Section 2 of the forum rules have been amended to now cover political and religious content:

    2a. Do not post politics or politically-related threads. Politics are, by nature, a personal that are bound to generate aggressive, personal response.

    2b. Do not make posts designed to be critical of religions. Members are not discouraged from being openly religious; they are discouraged from criticizing the religions of other members.

The decision to add these rules was not without much thought, consideration, and debate. The reason for it is because of the divisive nature of politics, which began to show itself in the several political threads that have since been locked. As said in the amendment above, politics is by nature a very personal subject; because of it, people tend to make their criticisms and defenses of their views personal.

Many times in those threads, posts hinted at what their main points. Some effectively said that each candidate was totally and irredeemablly evil, making it easy to imagine what that person thought of the candidate's supporters. Others posts were more direct in mocking or criticizing supporters. In either case, criticizing members for their political beliefs is not something that we find acceptable.

Although I bring up those posts, I must also commend other users who did not engage in that behavior, and maintained a classy attitude throughout. Despite those better efforts, we still feel that it is better to not allow political discussion at all, both due to the failures of some members to be considerate, and frankly because FootballIdiot is a forum that was created to discuss American football and video games about that sport. At this late stage of the community (nine years since Madden was last released on PC), political discussion is the last thing we need to maintain unity.

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Re: Forum Rules

Postby StingRay68 » Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:47 am

If you are a new user and wish to make your first post in order to access downloads, please do not post a pointless reply in an existing thread.
Please make your post, and introduce yourself to the other forum members if you wish, here...

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Re: Forum Rules

Postby ultimatum77 » Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:59 pm

NickyJ wrote:Section 2 of the forum rules have been amended to now cover political and religious content:

I agree, I think these are good rules to have....b/c it keeps us focused on Madden football which is the whole point of this site lol :lol:
For help running madden please consult my guide and posts from fellow users here....thanks! (link below) viewtopic.php?f=22&t=17907
I'm not on site much, so if I don't respond it's b/c I haven't checked in a while.

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