Madden Resource Editor

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Madden Resource Editor

Postby StingRay68 » Wed Nov 13, 2019 1:44 pm

Awhile back I discussed making an all in one editor that would handle all the various madden filetypes that we have in the pc versions.
Plans are to include :
An updated DAT/Terf editor
A generic db explorer/editor that will not use tdbaccess
An updated MMAP editor
A (limited) TMdl editor
2019-2020 Franchise editor

I'm going to release a preview of the dat editor, this incorporates Aluigi's madden decompression so that files are automatically decompressed when extracted.
Currently when a loaded dat is then saved, the files will be automatically decompressed and the dat rewritten.

When a dat is first loaded a directory will be displayed, much like that of our previous editors.
Filetypes will be listed as "COMP" or "???"
Clicking on a file causes it to be loaded and decompressed if necessary. The filetype will then be updated to one of the several familiar types.
MMAP, TMdl, db, Terf or NA. Anything marked as NA is simply not defined at this point.

Right clicking on a selection of files will bring up an option to extract.
Right clicking on an individual file will allow the file to be replaced.

Plans are to add some sort of a batch import function, as well as options to autodefine the filetypes as the dat is being loaded.
With the sizes of todays hard drives, I cant really think of a reason to want to keep compression active in the dat files, but I may add an option to keep compressed files in the dat if desired.

I haven't tested this much to this point, so if you try this, make backups of your files before trying to edit them.
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Madden Resource Editor



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Re: Madden Resource Editor

Postby elguapo » Tue Jan 12, 2021 2:51 pm

Can we sticky this thread?

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