Calhoupe's Madden Scripts

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Re: Calhoupe's Madden Scripts

Postby Lemon4325 » Mon Mar 16, 2020 11:11 pm

camon7789 wrote:
Lemon4325 wrote:
rambolz wrote:Try resizing the scripts program and see if a scroll bar appears on the right side?

Yea i had to play around with it for a bit....

Quick question: Im a superstar kinda guy and did any of u guys get an issue with running it after using Calhoupe's scripts or the mods in general?

For Superstar the longest I've got it to work with mods and Calhoupe's scripts is 3-4 seasons. After you get drafted make sure you go to the computer in your lot, go to depth charts, and auto reorder them. I've found that fixed an Initial crashing bug I used to get where I couldn't get past pre-season. I use speed up Superstar Games in the scripts, because it's very annoying to either have to play, or wait for the CPU to play defense/offense depending on which you use. Beware if you use that though I've had many crashed with that. I just make sure i save the game like twice a quarter.

Oh that might do it, I'll try that when I start superstar again. I haven't used the speed up Superstar Game option as I don't really mind playing Offense/defense, I adjust sliders for my side and turn on QB vision to make it harder for myself.

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