TMdl Stripper/Builder v1.1

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TMdl Stripper/Builder v1.1

Postby elguapo » Sun Nov 17, 2019 1:14 am


A little program that strips the TMdl data from the MMAP graphic file and rebuild the TMdl file.

1. You will need to extract known TMdl files using a DAT File Replacer like Stingray68's Resource Editor or JD's Dat File Replacer.

2. Run TMdl Stripper/Builder. Click on the Strip TMdl button. Select TMdl file(s) to strip. (extension is not important). The stripper/builder will create a TMdl data file (bin) and the MMAP file.

3. Use DEX or MUER to edit the MMAP file.

4. Go back to the Stripper/builder and click on the Build TMdl button. Select the TMdl (bin) file(s) you want to rebuild. The stripper/builder will create a new TMdl file.

5. To quickly add the TMdl file(s) back into the DAT file use DBR4 and create an IMPORT file.


Q & A
Can I edit stadium files?

Stadium files require the extra data at the end MMAP after you edit them and the stripper/builder currently does not support that function. However you can still strip the TMdl from the MMAP.

Do I need to extract the TMdl files from the DAT file every time I want to edited them?

No. Once you complete the steps you can start at step 3 whenever you want to edit the MMAP file.

TMdl Stripper/Builder v1.1



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