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Re: Madden 19 BGFE Editor

Postby SGMRock » Thu Sep 12, 2019 5:49 pm

Each player has 2 portraits one for when you are looking at the rosters and one for when you do super sim games it shows up on their field. They have the same number plus 10000, so portraits-File00388.DDS and portraits-File10388.DDS are the same player for instance.

I'm guessing you missed something somewhere as I have had zero issues with this tool.

Re: Madden 19 BGFE Editor



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Re: Madden 19 BGFE Editor

Postby hans_some_ » Wed Nov 13, 2019 1:32 pm

Hey Stingray, I don't know if this post should be in this thread, but I'm not allowed to PM you due to my account so please excuse this if it's posted in the wrong place.

Anyway, I have been attempting to mod the textures within NCAA 14 using your tool and the rpcs3 emulator. As a start, I found the ast file that the game uses to store each team's main logo, similarly to how portraits are stored in Madden, with the ID correlating to the team's ID. I found that the logos are stored in DXT5 compression with mipmaps, so I'm able to create files with the same exact uncompressed file size and dimensions as the original logos. However, I have found that the compressed size of the file in the new ast is drastically smaller than the file it replaced, causing the offsets to be messed up. As a result, in game the first logo replaced shows up fine, but then every logo after is a glitched texture. I was wondering as your the creator of this tool, you know a hella of alot more than I do on what's going on behind the scenes here and might know what's happening. Also is it that when the game looks up the location of a logo, it uses the offset rather than the ID? And if that's so, is it possible to change the offsets that it looks for, allowing for the injection of higher quality files?

Thanks for any help if possible! I've also linked below pictures of the ast before and after I import a logo to show how the compressed size and offsets change.


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Re: Madden 19 BGFE Editor

Postby StingRay68 » Wed Nov 13, 2019 2:10 pm

That editor is designed for Madden 2019-2010 on PC and you're trying to use it on another game, so there may be compatibility issues with the AST file.
If you are able to extract all the files from the AST and they all appear normal, the util is likely working fine, but again it is designed for the madden ast files. Your ast file could require different padding for each file than madden does as well. Without seeing the actual file, it's hard to say if it is the exact same format. If you replace the first file, save the ast and then reload that ast and are able to extract all the graphics and they seem fine, then the offsets are correct, at least for how madden stores them.

Compressed files are going to vary in size, that all depends upon the data in the file, if you have a large run of the same byte values, the compressed sizes are going to be smaller.
The offsets are going to change based on the file size differences, that is to be expected.

Not knowing what "glitched" means to you, it could also be that you are not saving the replacement graphic in the correct format.
Are you using photoshop to make the graphics? If you are using gimp or something else, stop and use photoshop instead.
In madden, the game uses the id # and then it uses the ast file as an index, so id #0 might be a file that starts at byte #100 or whatever.
You can use a larger graphic if you desire, but if you are having issues now, it makes no sense to try and use a larger graphic.

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