What decides the steps of QBs dropbacks?

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What decides the steps of QBs dropbacks?

Postby TheRareButter » Thu Jan 06, 2022 8:36 pm

Just played a OC game using the Heisman mod, late to the party on this one but I noticed the QB AI had a set west coast playstyle. I wasn't aware Madden 08 or any of the game other than modern titles had built in schemes.

His timing was on point, many anticipation throws and quick single step drop passes.

In HC06 there's instruction options for this like "take a 1/3/5/7 step drop", but Madden doesn't have that built into the play creator if I'm not mistaken. Could it be the coaches scheme sliders? The offensive aggressive/conservative slider? The player attributes themselves?

What decides the steps of QBs dropbacks?



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Re: What decides the steps of QBs dropbacks?

Postby MikeWest502 » Thu Jan 06, 2022 10:07 pm

In real world it depends on the play type. Quick Pass 1, short pass 3, intemediate pass 5, deep and screen pass 7. Also Madden 08 QB drops are designed for the traditional QB's, who's best protected by staying in the pocket. The dropbacks are in yards. The deepest drop and most widely used by the game is 3.5 yards. Play the play, count your steps, get the ball out on time or risk sack or throwing INT. Throw the ball before the WR makes his cut.

The schemes are used to take advantage of player personnel. Madden 08 only 4 four schemes for offense and 4 schemes for defense. The schemes are not individually interchangable, which sucks. Josecrisis21 has a great breakdown of how to set them up for each coach.

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