Buffalo Sucks - a Madden Franchise with only street free agents

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Buffalo Sucks - a Madden Franchise with only street free agents

Postby Theov » Tue Sep 10, 2019 12:15 pm

Good day everyone, except me, and welcome to the Buffalo Bills.
I decided to try a new challenge.

The Buffalo Bills, or the Buffalow my god they suck Bills, were assembled in a fantasy draft (original Madden08 roster) by consistently selecting the worst possible player available. If a position was full, I would simply move to the next worst available player and select him. After all roster needs were selected, I would again fill my roster with the worst players available.

This means my roster is now filled with insurance salesmen, car dealers, stock brokers, drug dealers and other people who should not be in the NFL.

The hard facts:
62 OVR team, the Buffalo Bills. (League Average is 88)
62 Offense
63 Defense
59 ST
QBs: Brian St Pierre (64 OVR) and Jared Lorenzen (63OVR) (rest in peace Big Guy)
Best Player: DeDe Dorsey (HB 70 OVR)
Fastest Player: LeRon McCoy (WR 92 SPD)
Strongest Player: Richard Collier (RG 90 STR)

My restrictions:
1: No trading or signings in season 1 (I can sign the worst free agent if injuries occur).
2: I will not trade for players or sign free agents better or equal OVR as the 4rd best player on my team, so any player coming in can only become the 5th best player or worse.
3: I will not have any 1st or 2nd round picks. I will trade these for the best 3rd round picks I can get.
4: Only 3 progression points: after the pre season, week 8 and week 17.
5: Community created real drafts.
6: An adjusted salary cap with a smaller yearly increase.

1: Roster moves / formation subs / profile sub packages etc.
2: position changes: in madden is allowed - in the editor is not allowed. So WR to CB can, but CB to QB can not.
3: Draft pick trades.
4: Mini camp.
5: Contracts / resignings / etc.
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Buffalo Sucks - a Madden Franchise with only street free agents



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Re: Buffalo Sucks - a Madden Franchise with only street free agents

Postby TVGuy22 » Tue Sep 10, 2019 1:00 pm

Hell, you've just created the Miami Dolphins. :lol:

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Re: Buffalo Sucks - a Madden Franchise with only street free agents

Postby Gronky » Thu Sep 12, 2019 8:32 pm

Cool scenario.
Sure to be lots of lore involved. :D

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Re: Buffalo Sucks - a Madden Franchise with only street free agents

Postby Theov » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:35 am

Some additional information about the games:
All Madden and 50-50 sliders.
5 minute quarters.
Formation subs and personnel audibles are allowed.
Accelerated clock: no

On with the Bills...

The Buffalowww shit Bills have wrapped up minicamp.


On Offense we have moved DeDe Dorsey to Wide Receiver. He has 69 CTH which is low, but he has 87 SPD which is low for a runningback (I need speed there) but alright for a receiver.
Rod "He Hate Me" Smart will be our starting runningback. He has 91 Speed. That's all the positive there is to say about him at the moment.

Isaiah Stanback (or "A") has 85SPD which is not a lot for a WR so he has moved to TE, he's not much of a blocker, but that's ok.

I shuffled the Oline around, to make sure we get the best 5 blockers... who am I kidding.
I shuffled the Oline around, to make sure we leave the worst blockers on the bench. This is a group that enjoys eating together and they love to go hunting and drinking on weekends. Practice, hitting the gym and playing football is not high on their list.

The starters look like this from LT to RT
STR: 84/83/90/82/87
PBK: 77/78/74/80/76
RBK: 82/80/84/80/77


We needed some help at the linebacker spot and since we can't sign any free agents this year we looked at the secondary for reinforcements.
Cameron Worrell has moved from SS to ROLB, he has 85SPD, 82 ACC, 64 TAK but only 54STR. He is a smart choice for coverage and blitzes, in the run game he shouldn't be at the point of attack, so let's hope opposing offenses don't run at him.

We didn't have speed nor strength at the end positions, so we moved Chase Blackburn, originally a MLB, to Right End. He has 73SPD and 75ACC which is good for an End, but only 70 AGI and only 68 STR. Hmmm, I am really starting to hope teams will not run to our right side.

The running theme here is speed. We have the need, the need for speed.

On to Mini Camp.

Ade Jimoh improved his TAK with 7 points, so he's our best tackling guy in the secondary now. He will be moved from CB to SS to take the spot vacated by Worrell going to Outside Linebacker.
Cam "the other" Newton will move from SS to FS.

Receiver LeRon McCoy, the racecar of the team with 92SPD, improved his catching and now has 74 CTH, which is actually not that bad for a taxi driver. Only Sean Morrey has more with 75, but he only has 84 SPD...

The QBs have improved as well, I could squeeze 3 points out of Brian St.Pierre - he now has a 82/83 arm (THP/THA).
As said, our backup QB is the late great Jared "the Hefty Lefty" Lorenzen, he has a 83/79 arm now, and he's deceptively mobile for his size with 64SPD/ACC and 63AGI. If I could put St.Pierre's arm on Lorenzen's body, I would have a half-alright QB.

Kick Offs will be handled by Bill "brother of" Gramatica who now has a 95KPW leg, which is the only thing interesting about our kickers and punters, since I don't kick FGs nor do I ever punt.

Soon we will start the season versus the Denver Broncos!
Remember, this is a fantasy draft, so at QB the Broncos have Seneca Wallace (the poor man's Mike Vick) at QB and Fitzgerald at WR, they run the ball with Rudy Johnson.
On defense they have 'Terror' Terrell Suggs, James Farrior, Kendrell Bell and Michael Strahan.
It will be a nice matchup versus our group of street free agents.

5th Best Player Watch: Boomer Grigsby, FB 68 OVR.
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Re: Buffalo Sucks - a Madden Franchise with only street free agents

Postby NaruTheBlackSwan » Sun Sep 15, 2019 10:14 am

Theov wrote:5th Best Player Watch: Boomer Grigsby, FB 68 OVR.

It's pretty cruel for the player on which all your FA decisions hinge on is a FB. Madden really inflates the OVR of that position, and DE for that matter. Still though, give us all the Boomer highlights you got.

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Re: Buffalo Sucks - a Madden Franchise with only street free agents

Postby Theov » Mon Sep 16, 2019 4:10 am

Thank you for reading about my cover-your-eyes-bad Bills franchise filled with street free agents, practice squad rejects, minor league heroes and other people that should be doing another job.

We played a little pre season to made some in-game substitutions on goal line situations and to get used to the team, but other than that, let's not make meaningless games meaningful and let's continue to the Regular Season.
I can't wait to get my toes wet. (and let them get eaten by piranhas)

2007 Week 1 came and went, leaving behind a trampled field and dirty locker rooms.
The Broncos came to town.

Their QB Seneca Wallace isn't what you would call an Elite Quarterback, but he managed to beat Jon Kitna for the starting QB job. Wallace's 80THA and 84THP shouldn't scare anyone, although his legs could be a factor - this guy has some wheels.
Don't get me wrong, he would instantly be the best player on my roster with 81OVR, but on any other team he's one of the worst starting Quarterbacks in the League.
I checked it, and only Trent Dilfer is worse with 79OVR

We got our asses royally beaten, but the silver lining is that it took the Broncos to the 4th quarter to really show the difference in quality.

Looking back at the player stats, I was surprised we kept the Broncos to only 60 passing yards (sack yards are counted in the passing stats).

We managed to 'throw' for a yard more, so where was the big difference?

Well, that's in the amount of sacks we took. We managed to sack Wallace 4 times, but the Broncos managed to sack us 9 times. I played too many PA-passes and I am not used to the o-line giving up pressure yet. This, combined with a lack of arm on Brian St.Pierre, really forces me to small ball the entire game. No deep passing game here.
And with 9 sacks, we were behind the sticks too many times, so we could not get much of a drive going. This led to giving the Broncos short fields to score on - which they did happily in the 4th quarter.

We tried to get some Jared Lorenzen going, trying to see if we could run for a first down, or to buy some time, but his arm is just not going to cut it. He finished without a completion on 10 attempts.

Rod Smith was our leading rusher with 31 yards on 12 carries.
Sean Morey and Isaiah Stanback ("A") both finished with 3 catches for 36 yards.

On defense our outside linebackers shone the brightest. Brandon Jamison had 5 tackles and 2 sacks. Converted Strong Safety Cameron Worrell also had 5 tackles, but he had 1 sack.

Notable is also that Rod Smith, our kick returner, averages 29.1 yards per return, which is on a team underpowered like our Bills pretty darn good.
I will keep returning those kicks with him.

Our fullback Boomer Grigsby didn't get much action other than blocking.
Our backup running back Dee Brown will be sharing the position from now on with Boomer. Boomer will be our blocking specialist and Brown will be catching and running from the backfield.


Dee Brown actually has an higher OVR than Rod "He Hate Me" Smith but I prefer Smith's speed.

Next week we will travel to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers.
They have Peyton Manning throwing to Torry Holt and Tony Gonzalez. Brandon Jacobs plays the position of Plow Truck, he has 97 BTK but has sub90 speed.
On defense they have Javon Kearse and Shawne Merriman on their left side, so we will be running away from them as much as possible.
Fun times.
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Re: Buffalo Sucks - a Madden Franchise with only street free agents

Postby Danchat » Wed Sep 18, 2019 9:09 pm

I really like this idea - I'll keep my eyes peeled for more updates!

LeRon McCoy... is he a LeSean McCoy bootleg or something?!
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