BBC Presents Superbowl 20 Tonight (8/10) 8 pm EST

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BBC Presents Superbowl 20 Tonight (8/10) 8 pm EST

Postby SeahawksBBC » Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:55 am

The 13 - 3 New York Giants face off against the 15 - 1 Baltimore Ravens in the Black and Blue Crew League's 20th season superbowl.

The URL to watch is here:

For a team preview BBC's own 3rd degree has a preview video here: ...

To evalute the teams you can click the links found here on the main BBC site:

About us:
The Black and Blue Crew League is one of the, if not oldest, online Madden 08 PC community. We have a lively group of owners whose focus is on competitive gameplay where sportmanship is key. Our 19th season will begin after the playoffs
Gameplay is All-pro, 6 minute quarters with cone on.

Some of the highlights of the league that may differ from others:
-- Customized Playbooks
-- Player Named Coaches
-- Created players with owners names Off-season
-- workout/midseason progression
-- Practice Squad
-- Other activities the owners participate in include Tiger Woods 08 (PC) Game night with the guys (FPS)

We currently have a few team openings in our league

Our rules are found here: ... =4&skin=lp

To apply please follow this link :

Thanks and hope you enjoy the game.

BBC Presents Superbowl 20 Tonight (8/10) 8 pm EST



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