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TECH help: roster

Postby kirk1827 » Tue Apr 05, 2016 6:40 pm

Hey guys.

I've been working for a long time on a personal roster that Contains ALL the Hall of Fame and Pro Bowl players of the NFL. About 2000 players. Give or take.
And I switch some teams using Madwolf team-swapping option.

This is all so I can be able to start a franchise and use fantasy draft option whenever and however many times I want. What can I say, I like drafting my team.

Anyways, now when I try to do the fantasy draft, it just gets stuck on a draft pick forever. I bypassed this by trying to do a franchise without the fantasy draft and it loads up the franchise but it looks like the schedules are all jacked up and manybe the coaches are too but I couldn't check the IN madden and NZA is a pain with coaches to tell you the truth.

If anyone is willing to take a quick look and see if they can get this running you'd make me very happy.

And if people want it, I can up it to the forum since it is pretty cool having all the HOF and PB players to draft your badass team.

The file is bayouboy's historic roster; heavily modified by me in the player aspect.

Again thanks and hope someone can lend me a hand.
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TECH help: roster



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