Which college basketball game should I choose?

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Which college basketball game should I choose?

Postby KO'BBF » Sun Sep 29, 2019 8:32 pm

I have a $25 Amazon gift card and an old Playstation 3 at my disposal.

I was doing some budget shopping and by getting used in good condition games without the packaging, disc only, I can score 4 or maybe 5 games with my gift card if I pay a little more out of pocket.

I'm getting NCAA 11 [personal reasons, I like the conference alignments], Madden 12 [last of the generation], and MLB 10: The Show [because of its 30 team control option].

But I am looking for advice on a college basketball game. I like the old school feel of 2K's 07 and 08 College Hoops. But what I really am looking for is the opportunity to play every team, every game. Does 2K or EA's College Basketball 10 allow a user to play every single game of the regular season, no matter, what team you select as your dynasty team? [Just like EA's NCAA football]
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Which college basketball game should I choose?



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Re: Which college basketball game should I choose?

Postby I got the ball » Thu Oct 17, 2019 11:21 pm

hello, not a fan of dynasty mode in college bb but personally, I prefer 2k7 college bb....also have ea sports ncaa bb 08 but i stick to 2k7...if my info helps...thank you

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