Position shifts (changes)

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Position shifts (changes)

Postby 158.3 » Wed Nov 06, 2019 12:28 pm

Probably this question has been discussed in the past... but i need enlightenment.

First of all, as far as i can see, there is no chance to shift any other player's position to QB - in other words its impossibly to shift an arbitrary WR/TE or HB to QB position.
You can only get QBs off the draft and free agency. This is hard-coded in the game and cann't be changed neither in-game nor with work-around out of Madden.
Am I right ?

Secondly, im not aware why QB cannot be shifted to HB... The possible options for QB position shifts are WR, TE and ... SS/FS. Very puzzling if you ask me for the latter 2 posts.

Thirdly: i want to make a custom package in Madden for I Formation. In the concrete i would like to have options for replacing of FB/HB with WR or QB2/QB3.
But it's impossible, because the default permitted subs in custom packages editor for offensive backs are only the same ones + TE. There is no other choice.
I don't get why there are so many restrictions in this field of the game..?
Personally i think , that there should have been the possibility for any kind of player changes - even if i would like to put a CB on offense instead of a HB or FB...
such an option should have to exist in custom packages manager if EA dare to pretend , they had created an epic game for a quite a cash !
It's a shame, there has been such an restriction imho !

At the end - is there any roundabout for this stupidity, guys ?

Position shifts (changes)



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Re: Position shifts (changes)

Postby mike9472 » Wed Nov 06, 2019 10:52 pm

Not sure if I'm understanding what you mean, but you can use Playbook Editor 1.2 to change the personnel of a formation. Right click on the position you want to change and select Edit SETG then choose the personnel you want. I right clicked on the FB position, now I can change it to HB2 or TE2 to eliminate having a FB.

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Re: Position shifts (changes)

Postby MikeWest502 » Thu Nov 07, 2019 2:43 am

I have a I formation sub package where T.Hill and Kelce line up as HB and FB and another Shotgun and Pistol formation package where T.Hill is QB and Kelce is HB! And then a couple sub packages a) WR2->QB2 and FB1->LT2, for Double Pass play. Or b) QB2->HB1 for HB Option Pass play! Use 1.2 editor like Mike9472 mentioned!

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Re: Position shifts (changes)

Postby Theov » Sat Dec 14, 2019 6:03 am

There is a mod that includes getting rid of these restrictions, think it was the xmod but im not sure..
I would like to get rid of most of these restrictions as well but the mod doesnt work for me.
The subs are off too, when all receivers are tired, the cpu puts the punter in at receiver. If all safeties are tired, a halfback comes in.
Fun but weird.
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